Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In da house.

So Tanner Tuesday was excellent and he did a Cribs post MTV-style and I am totally copying him because it's a great idea so this is Ike's Life - Cribs!

And this is a picture of me on my couch and I know everybody knows my couch, but it wouldn't be my crib if I didn't post it because it's the place I spend most of my time and my mom bought new pillows because the other ones had tongue stains on them and they were downgraded to cat pillows - ha ha cats.

And this is a picture of me on the big bed where I spend the second most of my time and I almost didn't get to sleep there anymore because a long time ago, soon after my balls were cut off, I used to mark on the bed by my mom and dad's pillows and that made them really mad, especially when I did it in the middle of the night and they woke up with pee by their faces. I don't do that anymore because I've learned to be a good dog.

And this is a picture of my mom and dad's bathroom and I like to sit on the rug and wait while they shower because I want to make sure they don't drown because I'm kind of a Saint Bernard like that. And that's Odin in the background - you met him before because he's the cat I like to lay my head on sometimes and yeah, I know it's weird.

And this is a picture of the litter box and it usually has a gate in front of it so it's hard for me to get into it because I love Kitty Roca because it's my favorite.

And this is a picture of the front door where I wait patiently when I have to go do my business but sometimes my mom and dad don't know I'm waiting there and I let a little slip 'cause I wait so long and my mom bought Poochie Bells a few days ago and she's like "go potty? ring the bells" all the time now - whatever that means.

And this is my kennel where I sit and wait forever all alone when my mom and dad leave some days and it's comfy but I don't really want to be there but I tried to chew on a cabinet door once when I was in the kitchen alone so this is where I have to be until I get a second chance.

And this is the special Boston terrier section of the big bookshelf where my mom and dad keep the Meg stuff and that's a statue that some guy in England made and painted just like Meg and someday they will get one for me too, but they have the real thing so why bother?

And this is the best place in the whole house because it's where I eat which is my favorite thing to do and my mom bought me new elevated bowls which really help with all the gagging and hacking stuff that I do a lot when I eat and my mom was worried that I would get kibble in my lungs if I kept it up.


Myeo said...

Hey Ike, we love your house especially your bed n sofa. And we love your kittie too. Could you say 'Hi' to him for us?

By the way, you are the first Boston Terrier that we saw that is brown. But we think you are very handsome and your colour is cool.
Mama loves you very much... she loves Boston.

Boy n Baby

Emily and Ike said...

Thanks Boy and Baby! You should check out Niko - she's brown too!
Said hi to Odin for you but he's old so he slept through it.

Joe Stains said...

your cribs was MUCH better because you can at least write correctly.

I love your couch, it looks so comfy!

Bentley and Niko said...

We miss all the doggies, but especially you Ike! Mom got back from Michigan and now she has been sick and keep blaming it on that dirty icy city. We'll post soon though, we love the cribs post, you got some nice digs, and I love how your tongue is out in each picture!


Peanut said...

Your house is cool. Oh hey ring those bells to go outside. We ring bells and let me tell you sometimes we just do it to drive mom and dad crazy. hahaha really if they know you've gone potty you can just go over and ring the bells for fun.

Sophie Brador said...

You are the first ever brown Boston Terrier I have ever seen. Very cool.

Tadpole said...

Hi Ike - my sister looks just like you except she's black! You're much cuter, though, with your tongue sticking out - all she sticks out is her bum into my face....

I sit outside my Massah's shower too - gotta keep em safe, you know? You should try getting in with them... they scream and jump and yell and it's FUN!

The Airechicks said...

Hey Ike:

GREAT CRIB ..... Nice shots of you in your crib...

Where's your media room ...where you screen your look like a star -

We'll watch for CRIB part 2

jenn said...

Oh Ike, I love your pretty house. I like the colours on your sofa - they are like the ones on the big bed at my house.

Kitty Roca is a special treat that I also try to have every once in a while here too. Mmm good. But it makes my mom gag like crazy when I have some.

I chewed a wall once and took off all the drywall. You'll get out soon, but until then I'll keep writing! (Oh, my mom says it isn't prison!)

♥ Saidie

Anonymous said...

You're really funny!
I don't think we'd ever get away with peeing on dogmom's pillows...