Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Dreaming of an Interesting Christmas.

Ok, so my mom and dad are totes boring because they didn't do anything on Christmas! They went over to my auntie and uncle's place, where I'm not invited, on Christmas eve and had some awesome prime rib and Yorkshire pudding and other stuff and were supposed to bring me some measly scraps and forgot them! Then on Christmas, they stayed home and were totally lazy and didn't even get dressed until like four o-clock and we walked down to dog beach and watched the sunset which would have been cool except the beach was wet because the tide was low and my toes were totes chilly! I wore my new cable-knit wool fisherman sweater which I look really handsome wearing, but my dad had to carry me a lot because I was shivering so much. (Ike's mom here: it was 40 degrees with a little wind on the beach, he is such a baby!) And the worst part was all the big dogs running around because it's the off-leash park and I really wanted to play (Ike's mom here: when Ike says play, he means hang from their necks like a little brown vampire and pull out great tufts of fur) with them but my dad picked me up whenever there was a dog around. And there were tons of rocks with barnacles and barnacles are really sharp so I think maybe I need to wear boots because I have really delicate foot skin.
And then we came home because I almost froze to death!!!!! My mom and dad fired up the grill and made these awesome grass-fed steaks and lobster tails and I got to eat a ton of steak with my boring kibble and the cats got shredded lobster tail on their food being that it was Christmas and all. My mom used the whole Fetchdog gift certificate on me because I'm the most deserving (Ike's mom here: We got the cats some ID tags - they don't have other cat stuff) and all my stuff came in the mail and I got two wool sweaters and a new collar and leash which I will show you soon and they got a puppy gate so I'm not under my Grandma's feet in the kitchen like she says I always am which I'm not.
Here's an old pic of me because do you think my mom could take some pics of me in my new stuff?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pizza Night!

Ok, so tonight was impromptu pizza night! Woot! My mom and dad went to Trader Joe's and got a bag-o-dough and some other stuff and threw it all together made some totally awesome sort of homemade pizza!

I was wanting some pizza really bad, so I tried looking cute.

When that didn't work, I went with my Jedi mind trick.

It totally worked, and they made this mini pizza for me!

My eyes nearly popped out of my head!

My dad is working on the wait command with me. He's sooooo mean.

But it was so worth it.

High 10 for awesome pizza!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Christmas Bells are Ringing!

Ok, so metaphorically speaking the bells are ringing because my mom is starting to get all Christmas cheery but she has only bought like two presents except for the whoppers that she ordered from Fetchdog but she only got all that stuff because of the gift certificate which was free because she thinks she is witty and won a contest. Anyway, the tree went up last weekend and looks really good and Duncan Munkin Pants is pretty much leaving it alone which is a Christmas miracle because he pretty much still acts like a kitten even though he is four.
I am super sad and super missing my grandma and can't believe that she won't be here to celebrate with her only grand-puppy because apparently grandchildren are more important even though they throw temper tantrums for pretty much no reason like because they have to put their pjs on! My temper tantrums are only a little squirt of pee on the floor which is a lot easier to deal with than crocodile tears.
Tomorrow, my mom and dad are going to my mom's work Christmas party and I'm not invited because my mom's boss has two dogs and she thinks that I will go after them which I probably would. One of the dogs is a toy poodle who my mom's boss rescued from this kid who kept breaking the dog's legs. I guess the kid's dad is like a mass murderer or serial killer or something and the townspeople gave him a puppy because it's hard to be the kid of a serial killer but the kid just used the puppy to take out his aggressions which makes me think that kid is going down the same road as pops which is pretty sad.
My mom did the same old boring Photoshop me into an old card trick this year because she's like incapable of change or something. But anyway - here's my new Christmas card a little early because I can't contain how much I want everyone to have a great Christmas. And it especially goes out to Sophie and her mom.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RIP Graham.

Sophie's new brother Graham crossed the bridge. Life dealt him a really crappy hand because he only knew love in his last few months. Please send all your supportive healing vibes Sophie's and her mom's way.
RIP Graham - I wish we had known you much longer.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Cards are Rolling In!

So I've gotten a butt-load of cards from all my buddies, and my mom finally finished my card and will be sending them off tomorrow.
Now, there hasn't been a lot going on here - just some f-ing snow and freezing rain! And my mom hasn't been giving me any walkies - like none! It's total BS and I can't wait for my grandma to come home so I can start getting some exercise. Martha will totes be ashamed of me as a husband if she sees how tubby I've gotten.
And last night I was getting all geared up for night-time snackies and then my mom takes my collar off and plunks me in the tub.
And I found out that my grandma isn't going to be back from Austin for Christmas so, like, what am I going to eat?
So here I am after my bath and my mom is trying to make amends. And I'm all, whatevs lady.

So I laid down with Odi who is pretty much my only friend because he would never give me a bath.

And here, I'm just looking like a playa.

My mom is making me mention that she won a $250 gift certificate to and she bought a bunch of stuff for me yesterday. Whatevs.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lummi Island.

So last weekend (which was forever ago but my mom is just getting around to posting this) we took a ferry to Lummi Island which was totally beautiful!
We went to a sculpture garden where we looked at some really crazy sculptures and I sat in the car while my mom and dad went to a restaurant - nice, huh? I guess they did bring me a clam chowder sandwich that they made, but still. We sat in the sun at the sculpture place for a super long time, and we listened to the waves and got really tan.
This is the view from the sunny spot.

Here's me and my mom.
I was staring at the sea looking really, super handsome.

My mom thinks my dad looks really handsome here. I think I look really handsome.

And here's me and my mom by some whale bones.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Xmas Cards.

Ok, so someone forgot to get on the xmas card list again this year, so if you want a card from a really handsome dude, please email me with your address!
emilyandian @

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Barkday Grandma!

So you guys know that my Grandma is in Austin with my Auntie and Uncle and cousins which is totally uncool because it's her birthday and I wish she were here so I could spoil her with kisses and toots!
Happy 986th birthday Grandma!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Worst Thanksgiving Ever and Day Trip with Dad.

Ok, so I don't know if you know this or not, but yesterday was Thanksgiving - you know where my grandma slaves in the kitchen all day and then finally we eat the most amazing dinner ever and everyone pretty much consumes a whole stick of butter, and then we all pass out on the floor and complain about how full we are? Well this year was a little different - my grandma is in Austin and my mom and dad left me all alone in my kennel to have Thanksgiving at Auntie Hyunjoo's and Uncle Greg's where I am no longer allowed to go because I have been known to be a b-hole to baby Jina when she hugs and kisses me which is totally not my fault because I have personal space issues with babies who hug and kiss me. I was alone all day, and then when my mom and dad came home after 400 hours, I got a very small Thanksgiving meal which was pretty good anyway.
Insert picture of Ike at Thanksgiving here. Oh, wait, I wasn't there!
Anyway, today my dad took me on a nature road trip which was pretty pawesome except my mom couldn't come because she had to work. We went to Seahome Arboretum and Larabee State Park where we watched the sunset which was pretty cool but not as cool as having Thanksgiving dinner with your family!
Here are some pics.
So this is me and my mom last weekend when we were looking at Lummi Island but it was super cold and windy so we only looked at it for like a second.

Ok, so these are pics that my dad took today.

And this is how handsome I look in the sunset - can you believe there was actually sun today?

And this is a weird self portrait that my mom took of us a few nights ago.

And I don't know if I told you or not, but my grandma brought her cat, Lorraine, to live with us, and she is eating my food in this picture! But I kind of like her because she doesn't have a tail like me.

And this is me and my dad.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Windy City.

So I'm not talking about Chicago, I'm talking about Barkingham because every night at like seven or eight o-clock, the wind starts to howl like Khyra and it rattles the windows and doors and even blew open the fireplace doors. There have been spotty power outages which totally sucks because then the furnace doesn't turn on and I have to sleep under the covers the whole time which isn't cool when my dad is sick if you know what I mean. Apparently, this isn't normal weather, but whatevs because it's not snow and everyone knows I hate snow!
And these times without my grandma have been tough because I had to stay in my kennel all day today because my mom and dad went to this Zen Buddhist meditation tonight where my mom learned she is neither Zen nor Buddhist, but if having achy joints and a sore back were a religion, she would be like the God of it or something. Her mantra ended up being 'sh*t, this hurts,' but at least it brought to light the fact that her entire body needs some serious attention which I could have told her because of how annoying is she constantly shifting around when I'm trying to chill on her lap. Maybe it's time for my dad to shell out for a massage for her since his poor thumbs hurt sooooo much when he rubs her shoulders. (I'm working the brownie points for my mom to keep coming home for lunch.)
And since my mom just got her computer back from repair for the fourth time this year, she doesn't have any pics so she had to steal one from the internets so I could show you exactly where I live by my bay and my mountain. It sure looks nice with blue sky!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oink, oink.

Can anyone guess what's going on at my house?

But don't you worry about my dad. I'm taking great care of him!
Apart from the sickies, I'm super bummed because my grandma is gone for 6 weeks because my Uncle Travis and Auntie Tyler are moving to Austin and they STOLE MY GRANDMA to help them move and get settled! Something about needing help with the kids - how about helping with her grandpuppy because now I will have tons of kennel time and I can't go to work with my dad anymore and my mom works at a cat clinic now and I could go in with her but I would have to stay in this building that they call Troll Land because a troll used to live there. All alone in Troll Land - I don't think so!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's not that I forgot my anniversary ...

Ok, so I forgot my anniversary! I am the most horriblest dog ever! Go visit my sweet love, Martha - she's being overshadowed by her brother currently and needs some attention.
Do you think she'll forgive me?

(Thanks Khyra!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

David Gray.

Ok, so last night, we all took a trip down to Seattle to see David Gray because he's pretty much my mom's most favoritest musician ever and she's been listening to his music since way before I was born and always goes to his concerts when he comes to town. And this time, Auntie Kathryn bought us all tickets for a going away present - well , all but me! I got to go to Seattle, but I ended up sitting in my kennel in the hotel!
Anyway, my mom said the show was pawesome as usual, and when they got back to the hotel, a huge tour bus parked across the street and my mom thought she saw David Gray get out of the bus and go into that hotel. But then she was all - oh probably not and went to bed instead of going down to that hotel bar just in case. And then, this morning as we were leaving our room, my mom happened to peek out the window and there was David Gray getting into a van so she sprinted down there, but he was driving away which makes her the most sadderest because she wants to meet him like a teenie bopper wants to meet Miley Cyrus. Normally, my mom is pretty calm and collected, but this is her weak spot. She is really super mad that she didn't follow her instincts, because this is the photo that should have happened.

But this is a real photo that my mom took at the show.

Ok, and now the important stuff: my grandma and my mom went shopping downtown - snore, but me and my dad went to a sound garden at a park and then we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park which was way cooler than shopping. Too bad my dad broke his camera and there are no photos because my grandma's battery died and my mom didn't bring her camera. Sheesh.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The embarrassingly late super mega post!

Whoa - so you know how I moved across the country like over two weeks ago and I said I would post a photo journal and talk about how awesome it was and all that other stuff? Well, my mom said she 'finally has the time' to help me with it. So much has happened since I moved that I don't even feel like you guys even know me anymore - I mean, I am totally a different dog and stuff.
Ok, so here we go: leaving was pretty much the sadderest thing ever because we left my Grandpa, and my Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Ansel. We said goodbye like a hundred times and hugged a lot and then cried and then talked about it then hugged and then cried and then did that all over again. It was really sad. Like really sad. But the super cool thing was that it had snowed overnight, so my mom was all 'I think we're doing the right thing here because snow in the second week on October is totally wrong.'

So this is a pic of me as copilot of the huge moving van, but I'm pretty sure I'm autopilot. My mom and my grandma - she's living here with us now - drove in the car with the cats in my metal house in the back seat. And the funniest thing happened. Duncan decided to sleep in the litter box the whole time and Saffron was all 'Duncan, I gotta poo', and Duncan didn't move so Saffron pooped all over his tail and it was diarrhea! And the next day, Duncan didn't learn, and it happened again!!!!

This are pics of me in the really big truck.

And this is a pic of me in the Badlands in South Dakota which was really pawesome because it was like mountains but they are made of dirt. It's pretty much the coolest place in SD but it was super cold so we only went out for a few minutes so I wouldn't freeze to death. And then my mom and grandma went to Wall Drug and my dad stayed in the truck because he didn't want to be one of tourist people. Whatever. They make pawesome doughnuts there and I got to eat some of one.

This is as a deer I found there.

And then it got really, really cold when we were driving.

And it kept snowing and got icy and this happened to the lug nuts on the tires.

And then we stayed in a motel which was awesome because I really like staying in motels. And the cats were happy because they got to be out of the cage and my grandma's cat, Lorraine, was happy too because her little cage is little. I've tried to be friends with Lorraine because she's a manx like me, but she pretty much hates me.
And this is a picture of me guarding the truck because my food was in it.

And this is the morning when we slept in Montana!

It sure it a pretty place!

We also drove through Wyoming and Idaho but my dad didn't take any pics.
And this is a pic of my mom's car - see Saffron in the back window!

When we got to Washington, we had to stay at my Uncle Greg and Auntie Hyunjoo's house and they have two little girls named Ella and Jina. They are super sweet but they move really fast and scare the crap out of me so I'm not allowed to be around them.
After four days in Bellingham, we found a house and you can see the bay from our bedroom window and it's a super cute bungalow and my grandma loves it and all the cats love it too.

Odin got really, really sick and dehydrated so we took him to the Cat Clinic and they gave him injectable medicines and subcutaneous fluids for my mom to give him at home, and then Lorraine got really, really sick and had to go to the emergency room because we didn't have enough medicine of Odin's left, and then we went to the Cat Clinic the next day and got the same medicines that Odin got and now they are both ok. The doctors think they picked up a corona virus at the gross motels, and Odi got sick because he's 15 and Lorraine got sick because she was bottle raised by my mom and she didn't get mother's immunity and pretty much has only been in one place her whole life. And then my mom got a job at the Cat Clinic! No dogs! I don't know what she was thinking!

I'll post a pic of our house later because my mom can't find the one she took.

And another thing, a few days ago I went down to the bay with my mom and grandma and I saw a dog and pulled away from my mom and sort of attacked her but I didn't hurt her and she didn't hurt me but my mom has been talking to a trainer who is going to come over. Hrmph.

And we went up to Mount Baker today, and my dad took this totally pawesome pic.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not Homeless!

Hey everydog! We found a house and started moving in on Thursday and if you really crane your neck, you can see the bay from the front step! Woot! It's a really cute little bungalow - it's a little small, but it's super nice and my mom loves it and I like it because it's bigger than the condo which was really tiny. I'll post some pics later because my mom said she's too busy to find the camera right now. Whatever. When she finally gets off her lazy ass, I'll post pics of the trip!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We're here! but we don't have a place to live yet and we are staying with my auntie and uncle and the cats have to live in the bathroom. HA! What is with all the no pets for rental properties?
More later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


OMD two posts in one day! So, used to be one of my favoritest sites but the administrator stopped updating it a while ago and I just checked it to see if maybe she started again and she didn't but I came across one of my favoritest pics. If you are interested in seeing a lot more witty and handsome pics of me, check out my name on the sidebar on the right - you will see lots of my Boston friends there too.


So things are changing really quickly around here - there are boxes everywhere and my mom and dad are super busy because we leave on Friday and my dad is going to work through Thursday which is totes crazy. The cats are acting out and being on the counter tops all the time and my mom is really nervous and emotional and there are tons of other things going on. My mom is super sad to leave Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Ansel and all her friends and she is really going to miss my Grandpa a lot too and is super worried about him. As you've probably gathered, my mom doesn't do change all that well even though this move has been her goal for years but once she's settled into her new life I'm sure she will be very happy. I know I will be happy because there will pretty much be no snow and I will have my parents so how can I really go wrong. And my mom is really worried about finding a job but my dad has a really good one which is awesome because that means I still get to eat. I'm pretty excited to see the ocean - what can all you sea-faring dogs tell me about it?
Do you guys think I should even bring my parka?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Going Away Party!

So yesterday Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Ansel hosted a going away party for me. They invited all my parents friends and it was a super awesome time because I'm starting to battle my anxiety. Dr. Seth who is pretty much my favorite Dr. ever was there and last week he prescribed Xanax for me to make me feel better in social situations because I totally like people and totally want to be with them, but then I get really scared and run away. So now, with Xanax, I go up to them and they give me tons of love and I am really happy. It totally doesn't zonk me out or anything. Now I know people don't always agree with medicating, but it's really the best thing for my quality of life because it's no way to live to be scared in social situations when all I really want is to hang out and have to be left at home in a kennel being anxious there.
Anyhowl - I had a super fun time and got to chill with all of my best friends like Anne and Holly and Jimmy and I got to see Jen and Jeff and their kids and hang out with Mike and Michelle and all the other cool people who I'm forgetting.
And I want to tell you about my new best friend - her name is Nuala which is a really pretty name and she is Seth's wife. We pretty much cuddled all night long and she has a Boston terrier named Ruby but I'm not allowed to hang out with her because I do things to her that are inappropriate if you know what I mean - don't tell Martha.
And this is a picture of my vet, Seth and Nuala and me. I'm not trying to get away I'm just irked by all the picture taking.

And this is a pic of me and Bobby and my mom. My eyes are dilated from the meds so it was really hard to fix the red eye without looking weird so my mom left it.