Friday, August 28, 2009

I got my daddy back, daddy back, daddy back!

Ok, so my dad got home on Tuesday night and my mom hasn't helped me blog about it at all. I picked him up at the airport, and I was so excited I pretty much farted the whole ride home which is ok because my dad totally missed that. And he brought me to work twice this week because he missed me so much, and I met a tax auditor there, and she was afraid of me which I totally get because I'm a pretty mean looking guy.
My dad had an awesome time in Washington, and he had a job interview and then a sort of job shadowing type thing which wasn't an interview but these people are talking about taking on someone new for their landscape design and installation business because they want to get out of it in a few years and it's totally successful and they do really great work so my dad totally wants to be that guy to take over the business which would be the best because that means I will be rich. And if you own a business, you can do whatever you want like taking your handsome dog to work every day.
In other news - my eye is looking so much better! It's still a little hazy, but my mom said that's normal and it's getting way better.
In other not-so-great news, my mom hasn't been feeling well because she had an ectopic pregnancy and she had to get injections to miscarry which just happened. She stayed home from work for a whole week and I forgot she was sick so I pooped on the floor and ate it and then woke her up with poop-tongue kisses. I was kinda feeling bad about my dad being gone and I did a lot of floor pissing too. I guess I can be a tiny bit selfish sometimes, but now I don't have to deal with a baby because when people have babies, they don't help their dogs blog very much. But I want her to feel better so I am asking for feel-better vibes for her. But she is glad that she didn't have to have surgery which she almost had to which would be horrible.
And this is the face that I made when my dad got into the car at the airport.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Why do I have this name?

Ok, so I was cruising blogs just now and I started thinking about names. One name in particular struck me - Mango - because how does such a huge and intimidating stud get such an uh, delicate name like Mango. So, I'm starting a meme - Why do I have this name!
Naturally, I'll start: I came from Boston terrier rescue and my name at the puppy mill was Chance which is about the least fitting name for me on the planet. So they changed my name to Pepper Jack which is uber not flattering - I mean come on! And when my mom and dad came to get me, they wanted to name me Donnie after Donnie in The Big Lebowski on account of my bulgy eyes. But they noticed that I was used to be called Jack which they thought didn't suit me, so on the ride home it was down to Zeke or Ike because they thought the K sound was important for me. Anyway, they decided on Ike for no particular reason and now that's who I am. To this day, my mom still wishes they would have gone with Donnie because she thinks it matches my personality. I think I'm tough like an Ike but not like Ike Turner.
Still no pics because still no home computer because Dad took it and my mom's is still broken.

So I challenge a few Bostons to this meme because I'm kinda racist like that: Joe Stains and Doofus, Mack and his lovely lady Ruby Bleu , and Murphy my foul mouthed friend.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Missing my Pop Pop.

So you know how we are moving to Washington state later this year, well, my dad is there now and he will be gone for a total of 12 days because he had to stay later for a job interview! But I totally can't figure out how long 12 days is because every time I hear the main door of our building open, I think it's my dad and then I get really disappointed when he doesn't come in.
My mom is super sad too because she really misses him too, and I guess I'm not doing a good enough job keeping her entertained. She says I sleep all the time. Well duh, how does she expect me to look this good if I don't sleep a lot? Anyway, there won't be any pictures because my mom had to borrow Auntie Kat's laptop because hers is broken again even though it's new, but the customer support at Acer sucks - you get what you pay for she says.
And here's the eyeball report - I went in on Saturday for a checkup and there was no stain uptake - which means it's healed and no more meds! It's still ugly, but Dr. O said that it will eventually look normal.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

King of Harriet Island.

So today we went to Irish Fair at Harriet Island, and I met this guy who thought I was the best ever and he kept going on and on about me and he actually got choked up. He said I made him homesick for his childhood because he grew up with a Boston named Stubby. My mom said he was drunk, but she's just jealous that I have that affect on people and she doesn't. He also said I was King of Harriet Island! King!
And my mom forgot the camera. And my eye looks crappy today, and she thinks we're going down that bad road again. We'll see tomorrow because she has to go to work - on a Sunday! - to take care of a sick cat so she will stain my eye. Hopefully it's just inflamed.
This is how frustrated I am about my eye.

Monday, August 3, 2009

OMD! They were gone forever!

So, you know how my parents went to San Diego for my Auntie Kathryn's and Uncle Ansel's wedding? Well, they are finally back and they were gone forever and my dad's sister, my Auntie Liz, stayed here and took care of me because she just got back from a year in Vienna where she drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of sausage and learned about psychologies. We had a pretty good time and I wasn't even really scared which my mom thought was pretty cool, but it's pretty normal for me now.
My mom and dad said the wedding was awesome and the next day they went on a yacht brunch cruise where there were mountains of food and they ate until they almost sploded. Also, there was a chocolate fountain and these little cream puff things filled with custard and my mom put them in the fountain and said it was the best thing ever. Like I would know.
I got my stitch out of my eyelid yesterday and it's looking a lot better.
Here are some pics from the wedding and no pics of me even though this is my blog.
Here is auntie Kat with my mom.

Here's my dad and mom on Coronado Beach after the wedding.

And this is like the first second that Uncle Ansel and Auntie Kat were married.

And these two are my cousins Atticus and Nia who totally didn't pay attention to the wedding and just played in the sand. I would have payed attention.

And these are feet.