Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Down in the dumps.

Sorry I haven't posted in forever and I haven't been to many pups blogs but I've been a little down in the dumps lately. We had a couple days of warm weather and then a few days of snow - can you believe it? None of the snow stayed, but it's been way too cold for proper walkies and snow in April make my mom crabby! So anyway, not much happening around here and it's warming up so I won't be so depressed soon!
But I did have an awesome time chatting with the pups and GirlGirl over the weekend. I talked to the beautiful and talented Miss Sophina LaBrador, the sassy and stylish Lorenza, the witty and pretty Randi and many, many more. Alas - my wife, Martha, has been nowhere to be found, and I'm a little worried that she's run off with a younger model.
Oh, and BTW - the green rug is gone because my mom said someone kept peeing on it and it made the house smell gross so now I have to lay on the hardwood floor.

(Ike's mom here - he did keep peeing on it and he has two beds and two blankets to lay on - what a whiner.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I don't know if you guys know this, but my mom doesn't really treat me like a dog and she pretty much treats me like a baby but today, I got to be a canine and I was pretty much a wolf. My mom made beef stew and she gave me the roast bone - you know the round kind with all the gooey marrow in the middle, and it was awesome. I made short work of it even though I only have a couple of top molars because they got all rotten when I lived at the puppy factory.
And you'll never believe what happened. Spike sent me a thank you card and a gift card for Target. My mom and dad said it's not for me, but I don't believe them. And Spike's mom is really awesome and thankful and said that I saved his life.

Just so you guys know - that's me, not a wolf, eating that bone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So we just got home from my Uncle Ansel and Aunt Kathryn's house and you will never believe what happened because were driving across the high bridge in St. Paul and my mom pulls over, gets out of the car and come back with a really old lab. And then my dad called the number on the tag and then turned around and gave him to some people in a parking lot who were really happy to have Spike back which is good because I wasn't really happy to have him in my car! Sorry, my mom didn't have the camera but he was about the oldest dog I've ever seen and he probably is because his mom said he's 15!

Friday, April 11, 2008

What does April snow bring?

Sad and annoyed Boston terriers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good for me, bad for my mom.

So, my mom is sick today which is pretty much the best ever, and it's supposed to get up to 53 degrees and get warmer over the next couple of days. I'm dictating this from the sun spot right now!
In darker news, I had to have a bath last night because my undercarriage was all muddy and I've been licking my feet until they're red and fungusy - like Ruby's! My dad put some anti-fungus juice on them and they keep yelling "no lickies" at me all the time.
Here are some bath pics - puppies, avert your eyes.

This is the big spray down before the Buddy Wash shampoo which my mom thinks smells super awesome and she tried it on her hair once - what a weirdo, I don't try her shampoo.

And this is me kissing my dad because I still love him even if he gives me baths which I don't really mind that much but I need to make a big deal about because dogs are supposed to hate baths.

And this is the big footie scrub down - my mom trimmed my nails just before the bath too.

I hope everyone's weather is improving like mine! If my mom feels better, we get to go for a proper walk today! Woot!