Saturday, August 30, 2008

RIP Summer!

So, my mom has been really freaking out lately because every night she has a snow dream which is pretty much a nightmare to her and pretty much to me too. Only 1 day left of August means the end of summer is near which also means boots and sweaters and frozen turds. I can't wait until we move.
Here's a pic of me looking handsome.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ike! Don't eat that!

So, I've started this little habit of eating crap off the floor - cat hair, bits of paper and other things my mom is too lazy to pick up, and my parents are always yelling at me! But I think you gotta try it to see if you like it, right?
But this whole thing reminds my dad of his favorite blog The Sneeze - scroll down to the Steve Don't Eat It for a barrel of belly laughs.
And here is a pic of me eating crap off the ground.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crazy weekend!

So this weekend we went on an overnight trip like totally spontaneously which pretty much never happens because my mom and dad are old and boring. But last night my mom was talking to Auntie Kathryn and she invited us to visit at her sister's place in Taylor's Falls which is this really cool little town by the bluffs on the river and it's like forever away and on a dirt road and I thought there were only dirt roads in Iowa. And when we got there I was really surprised to find some real craziness going on that you will only understand with pictures.
First, there was this.

Her name is Gaya and she pretty much stayed away from me because I'm so tough - my mom said it's because I'm an a*shole.

And then to make matters worse - they have this annoying little thing called Ruby who pretty much learned to stay away from me too.

But the worst thing was this - MOE! All the time he's all "hi Moe!" "hi Moe!" and blah blah blah totally showing off because he can talk and he snuggles with people and everyone thinks he's the best thing ever. Whatever.

But the worst of the worst was Moe gets all the best treats. Here he is eating coffee cake - coffee cake!

This is me telling Moe to buzz off but he didn't listen and just stole all the attention the whole time. All I have to say is "bye Moe!"

But he didn't get half a huge breakfast sausage like I did, and he didn't get to sleep in a tent with my mom and dad and curl up like a little jelly bean.

One of the best parts of the whole trip was me becoming an Olympic gold medal winner in the category of car farts! My mom and dad are still recovering and so is the sun roof on the car - it got quite a workout!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back in the game.

Ok, so I totally told my mom to sit her fat a*s down and start helping me blog and go visit some blogs because we have no idea what has been going on lately. And she totally listened to me and that's what we have been doing for like 2 hours or something.
And my mom is finally getting over the birthday phone call disappointment (thanks for all the nice stuff you guys said) and she is back on the horse looking, looking, looking for a better job.
Yesterday, we celebrated my mom's birthday and my grandpa's birthday and we had a party and my grandma made Mediterranean food and these tarts that had custard and cherries and were pretty much the best things ever. I got to eat some shrimp tails and pita and some grilled beef and stuff too.
And this is a picture my Auntie Kathryn took.

And this is a picture of me when I went to sleep in the cabinet because it was really late and they all kept blabbing and I should have been in bed but instead I was in a cabinet wearing a belly band.