Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not Homeless!

Hey everydog! We found a house and started moving in on Thursday and if you really crane your neck, you can see the bay from the front step! Woot! It's a really cute little bungalow - it's a little small, but it's super nice and my mom loves it and I like it because it's bigger than the condo which was really tiny. I'll post some pics later because my mom said she's too busy to find the camera right now. Whatever. When she finally gets off her lazy ass, I'll post pics of the trip!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We're here! but we don't have a place to live yet and we are staying with my auntie and uncle and the cats have to live in the bathroom. HA! What is with all the no pets for rental properties?
More later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


OMD two posts in one day! So, used to be one of my favoritest sites but the administrator stopped updating it a while ago and I just checked it to see if maybe she started again and she didn't but I came across one of my favoritest pics. If you are interested in seeing a lot more witty and handsome pics of me, check out my name on the sidebar on the right - you will see lots of my Boston friends there too.


So things are changing really quickly around here - there are boxes everywhere and my mom and dad are super busy because we leave on Friday and my dad is going to work through Thursday which is totes crazy. The cats are acting out and being on the counter tops all the time and my mom is really nervous and emotional and there are tons of other things going on. My mom is super sad to leave Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Ansel and all her friends and she is really going to miss my Grandpa a lot too and is super worried about him. As you've probably gathered, my mom doesn't do change all that well even though this move has been her goal for years but once she's settled into her new life I'm sure she will be very happy. I know I will be happy because there will pretty much be no snow and I will have my parents so how can I really go wrong. And my mom is really worried about finding a job but my dad has a really good one which is awesome because that means I still get to eat. I'm pretty excited to see the ocean - what can all you sea-faring dogs tell me about it?
Do you guys think I should even bring my parka?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Going Away Party!

So yesterday Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Ansel hosted a going away party for me. They invited all my parents friends and it was a super awesome time because I'm starting to battle my anxiety. Dr. Seth who is pretty much my favorite Dr. ever was there and last week he prescribed Xanax for me to make me feel better in social situations because I totally like people and totally want to be with them, but then I get really scared and run away. So now, with Xanax, I go up to them and they give me tons of love and I am really happy. It totally doesn't zonk me out or anything. Now I know people don't always agree with medicating, but it's really the best thing for my quality of life because it's no way to live to be scared in social situations when all I really want is to hang out and have to be left at home in a kennel being anxious there.
Anyhowl - I had a super fun time and got to chill with all of my best friends like Anne and Holly and Jimmy and I got to see Jen and Jeff and their kids and hang out with Mike and Michelle and all the other cool people who I'm forgetting.
And I want to tell you about my new best friend - her name is Nuala which is a really pretty name and she is Seth's wife. We pretty much cuddled all night long and she has a Boston terrier named Ruby but I'm not allowed to hang out with her because I do things to her that are inappropriate if you know what I mean - don't tell Martha.
And this is a picture of my vet, Seth and Nuala and me. I'm not trying to get away I'm just irked by all the picture taking.

And this is a pic of me and Bobby and my mom. My eyes are dilated from the meds so it was really hard to fix the red eye without looking weird so my mom left it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gracie update!

OMD! So you know how I came from a "breeder" in Missouri and then went to rescue because I retired from breeding? Well, Gracie came from a "breeder" in Missouri who is losing their home. My mom is going crazy thinking that she is my dogter or granddogter and she's got a couple of emails in to see if they can tell her if it's true but I came through NE rescue to WI rescue because NE was full so it's a little complicated.
The great news is that Gracie goes to a home on Monday, and I sure hope it works out or my mom seems to think I will have a dogter to support. Whatevs!
Do you really think we look alike?