Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So, with the impending winter/doom almost upon me, I've decided to start the season with a good ol' fashioned challenge to prime myself for blogging season!
Here are the rules: Make 3 confessions (Conan O'Brien style) with the pictures to prove them. Then nominate at least 3 friends to do the same!
Naturally, I'll begin.

Secret #1
I love to cuddle with Odin. He's so soft and squishy and warm and hardly ever moves. Plus, he smells good.

Secret #2
I get belly-button lint every day, and it collects at my actual belly button!

Secret #3
This is my third and final secret, and it's pretty embarrassing.
I am MISSING a nipple! I don't know where it went.

I nominate Joe Stains and Doofus Tanner, Lorenza, Peanut and Mango-Man Oh YEAH!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home at last!

So, my mom and dad are back from their vacation, and I am back from my grandma and grandpa's place. I went to the airport on Monday night to pick them up, and when they came out to the car, I was a little confused because I thought I would be living at grandma's from then on because I was there for soooooooo long and because I had a fever because I developed a bladder infection. But I'm on antibiotics now and am feeling a lot better.
So anyway, my mom and did cool things like sailing and hiking on a mountain and going to the San Juan Islands and I did really boring things like sitting around at my grandma's which is a pretty crappy deal. (Sorry grandma and grandpa! Thanks for taking good care of me!) My mom and dad pretty much said I can go with them next time which is awesome! I don't have any pics to show you from the trip because my mom forgot her camera in the hotel lobby in Seattle, and luckily, it didn't get stolen so they are FedExing it back to her - whew!
So here's an old pic of me because I know you all missed my face and my awesome pirate belly band!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Missing our buddy.

Ike's mom here - our vacation is coming to a close. We'll be home on Monday night, and we are really looking forward to seeing our little guy. The daily Steiner report is that he's doing great with his grandma and grandpa, although he's not allowed to sleep in the big bed. Whatever.

Friday, September 12, 2008


So my parents keep talking about Washington and about what they're going to bring and what they're going to do there. So I'm all starting to think about what chewies I'm going to bring and which jackets and stuff, and then I find out that I'm not going!!!! My grandma is going to come here and stay with me, which is ok, but I really want to see the ocean and meet my auntie and uncle and their pups! But my mom said that I'm too big to ride in the plane and I would have to ride in the belly and she's too worried about me having breathing trouble because she would have to sedate me because I'm kind of a freak and once I didn't breathe well on sedatives. Whatever.
My anger is feuling the hurricane! (But really, Hurricane Ike is not my fault and I hope everyone is ok.)
Here's a picture of me with no real meaning because my mom hasn't been taking pics of me lately.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Save me from my mom!
She's making me feel like this.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Barred from my own neighborhood!

Ok, so we went down to where the GOP convention was, except we couldn't really get down there because they have the whole area fenced off for like 5 blocks and you can't go in unless you are military, a cop or a republican fascist! And then when my mom and I were trying to walk back to the car, they closed the street where the car was parked and my mom was way pissed off because isn't that taking away our civil liberties to not allow us to be in so many parts of our own neighborhood?
But something cool did happen today. My mom and dad were driving by where the fences are and my dad saw this guy who he recognized and he totally loves and he was all "Hey is that Eugene Robinson?" And Eugene Robinson was like "yeah." And my dad was all "Dude, you're awesome!" And the really funny thing is my dad was driving and sticking his head out the sunroof of the car when they were talking which is totally unsafe, but that's how much my dad loves this guy.
And this is a pic of Eugene Robinson!

And this is a pic of me looking at the National Guard guys in riot gear going "dudes, seriously - we're just a bunch of peace-loving hippies!"

And they went on forever until the big fence, and on the other side of the road was a bunch of cops in riot gear too.

And this is a pic of me Barking for Barack in my Obama bandana that my mom made for me with a sticker and some staples. Nice, Mom.

And then we went on a walk for an hour which was awesome and we ran into this ranting guy in an Obama t-shirt and he was talking about how he hates racists (so do I!) and then he saw my Obama bandana and thought it was pretty cool.


Help! We're being invaded! There are helicopters everywhere - and worse yet, republicans everywhere! Send help!

Should I bite them?

But I don't have many teeth!

Help Obama! They're killing me!

I'm resorting to the tongue defense!