Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012


So I guess you guys have been hearing a lot of crickets when you come to my blog because it's been 16 months since I've done anything with it! A lot has happened since I last blogged - my dad got a new job in CALIFORNIA and then my mom got a new job too. My dad traded in my ancient car and got a new car and then we had a garage sale and sold a bunch of stuff and then loaded the rest of our crap into a huge truck and I rode shotgun with my dad and we drove down the coast. Then we stayed with our friend Mildred and her two white schnauzers Milo and Niko who I tried to beat up all the time. It took us a month to find a place to live because you pretty much have to be the first person at the open house to get an apartment. I picked this place in Oakland in a super cool neighborhood with an Art Deco movie theater and tons of restaurants and shops. The house has lots of windows so I can sleep in the sun which is pretty awesome because in Bellingham, there is only sun for like a minute a year. But here in California, it's sunny almost every day but they say that this is the rainy season and it won't be sunny all the time anymore. I have a huge palm tree in my backyard and the grass is starting to come up outside which is really weird because it's November and I grew up in a place where the grass dies in November.
I don't know if you remember this, but there are cats who live with me, and my good friend Odin, the big white one, turned 18 over the summer but he's still doing great. Saffron, the orange one who has never really liked me, is 14 and we found out that she has cancer but she's doing ok because she is taking a pill that is making her get fat again and they say that she could still live another couple of years with this pill because it tells the cancer to stop. She had a different kind of cancer on her tail a couple of years ago but it got hacked off and she was fine. Even though we don't get along, I would appreciate some healing vibes for her because she will have blood work done next week to see if her liver is tolerating the pill that is stopping the cancer, and if her liver doesn't like the pill, she needs to stop taking it and that would be really bad.
My mom's new job is at a veterinary specialty clinic and she works in internal medicine where they see all the weird diseases and lots of sad stuff. She misses her old friends at The Cat Clinic, but she likes working with dogs again even though they kick her ass a lot.
Now it's time for some pictures.

Here's a picture of me in my Halloween costume which is a  velociraptor. Totally scary, huh?
 Here's a picture of me and Odin in the sun today. When did my face start turning white?
And here's a picture of my mom and my Auntie Kathryn and David Gray! They met him right before we moved
and my mom and Auntie were the happiest ever because they totes loves David Gray.