Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My grandma keeps putting a pillow on me, and I think she's trying to suffocate my butt. SBDs!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bear Bear.

For once, I am without many words. RIP, Bear Bear, and may your murderer pay and pay and pay.
Tell your parents to join this group if they are on Facebook.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grumpy Old Dog.

Ok, so everyone knows summer is a super hard time to keep up on blogging because so much is going on like all the time. And a lot has changed since I last updated, like I have officially become a grumpy old a-hole. I'm becoming elderly not so gracefully, and I like to let people know it. Maybe Joe Stains and I should start a gang.
In other news, I didn't do a birthday post for my mom who turned 11 billion a few days ago. And my Minnesota gramps turned 15 zillion yesterday, and I didn't care about either birthday one bit - especially because my mom got chocolate cake which I am totally not allowed to eat which totally isn't fair.
I'm still working through my clearance dog food which is still giving me wretched farts which is pretty awesome biological warfare. I like the big couch, and I usually get it all to myself these days. Another thing that's pissing me off is I have an ear problem and it's not a normal ear infection, but a red lesion in my ear canal by my eardrum and my vet who is a cat doctor (sheesh!) thinks maybe a bug crawled down there and bit me because my house is full of spiders! You should have seen the size of the spider that Duncan caught and left in the kitchen which my dad picked up with paper towel because he thought it was dead but then it moved it's huge legs and tried to eat my mom's face!
And the biggest pissing off factor is living in the laundry room - a litter of kittens! that we are fostering for the humane society because they are too young and small to be adopterated and they are stealing all of my attention time and they hiss at me!
This is the grumpy face I've been making a lot lately.

Aren't they ugly?