Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day.

Ok so, remember how I told you I was going to a BBQ at Grandma's? Well, I did and it was pawesome and I got some bratwurst, and some of a hamburger and lots of Marrow Bones because I know how to open the cabinet where my g-ma keeps them and she thinks it's cute so I get lots. And the second best part was when my dad put the hammock out and I got to lay around with him. Here are some pics. Finally, new pics!

In this picture, my dad is reading and I am looking scholarly just by being there. (Hey Grandpa Bill, thanks for the hammock!)

I'm practicing looking pensive here - studying nature and the rebirth of spring and all that crap.

Handsome is the name of this one.

I'm going for distinuished here because I'm getting a lot of gray hairs so I will occasionally act my age for like a second or two.

OMD! And I totes forgot the whole point of Memorial Day, but my mom didn't. She took some time to remember her Grandma Nancy who was a truck mechanic in WWII, but she was trained as a cryptographer! How cool is that? She was a native NYC gal and the shock of 9/11 made her really sick(er), and she died shortly afterward. My mom misses her very much.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just being neglected.

So, my mom and dad have been working on the bathroom because they needed to put in a new sink because my mom dropped the cats' water bowl into it and cracked it. That took all day yesterday so I sat on the couch while the sun came through the window. And on Saturday, they went to a wedding and left me at home! And here are some pics from the photobooth at the wedding.
But today, we are going to a BBQ at Grandma's and I better get tons n tons of treats!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Musical Toilets.

Ok, so you know how my mom flushed a pumice stone and then my dad got it unstuck and then he broke the toilet tank and then my mom had to get a new one and that one was not the right size and now the bathroom door won't shut? Well, it turns out the toilet that fits is a really weird size because this building is old and so ordering one is super expensive so my mom went to the Reuse Center and bought a used one which I think sounds great, but my mom thinks is disgusting. And she spent her Saturday evening outside with a scrub bucket, rubber gloves and the hose cleaning up a gross toilet that will fit in the bathroom and I think she is being really eco-friendly and is awesome to bring some cool new smells into the house.
But the really neat thing is when she went to the Reuse Center, she found some Art Deco light fixtures for kinda cheap that she and my gramps are gonna sell on eBay because my gramps is an antiques dealer so my mom knows what she is looking at because it's kinda in her blood and they might make like a thousand dollars or something. So, breaking a toilet can be very profitable but I'm not saying everyone should go home and break their toilets, ok? This is all pretty un-exciting to me, but it's kinda the only thing going on so I thought I would blog about it. I've pretty much just been laying on the couch farting for the last week and NOT GETTING ENOUGH WALKIES!

And this is a super old picture, but I want to remind Martha how hot I am so she will start blogging more. It's censored because it's puppy season and I don't want anyone to see anything that might make them a) jealous or b) shocked.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tribute to my mom and Ike's granny!

Ike's mom here: This is my second post today, I guess I have a lot to get out. After reading Mason Dixie's latest post, I am using Ike's blog to write a tribute to my mom/Ike's gran. I want to thank her for teaching me how to cook, even though it was through osmosis and I didn't even realize it. I want to thank her for passing on her genes which make me heavy on the bottom and not the top so I won't get heart disease. (Although I have some killer muffin tops.) I want to thank her for taking care of me, and listening to me and enduring my foul language and odors. I want to thank her for continuing to try with Ike and not getting frustrated with his standoffishness, because now he loves and trusts her. I want to thank her for passing on her love for animals, it pretty much makes me who I am. I want to thank her for teaching me to appreciate art, words and culture. And lastly, I want to thank her for always looking weird in photos, because it makes me look better!

Happy mother's day mom! I love you!
Oh, and I'd like to admonish her for weighing less than me - that's just not ok!

This one's for the moms.

Ike's mom here: Ike made a beautiful tribute to me yesterday that made my heart glow. I love him so very much that I often dream about him and have nightmares that something happens to him. But today - I'm looking for a little support here - I want to strangle my four-legged friends! Ike woke me up (I'm off on Mondays and like to sleep in a lot) by getting in and out of bed repeatedly. That was a little annoying, but he's a dog, and my baby so I live with it. I finally got up around 10 to find a dry pee puddle in the kitchen - again, he's a Boston terrier, and I live with it. I make my cup o joe and am drinking it when I hear Ike chewing and go to investigate and find the remainder of a turd and a pool of pee by the door! Ok, I know this one is my fault - I should have taken him out before the coffee, but he didn't even ask, and he usually asks! Then I go into the bathroom to turn off the dripping faucet because Odin will only drink running water, and I find the sink full of engorged bits of cat litter from Odin's feet. As I type this, it sounds really petty, but come on critters! Give me a break once in a while! Right now, Ike is curled into an adorable little ball with his poop encrused tongue resting on a throw blanked and the cats are giving me a wide berth. I am off to the hardware store because someone (me) was scrubbing out the lime scale in the toilet bowl yesterday with a pumice stone - which really does work great - and got distracted by the hole in her glove, which was really gross, and flushed the pumice stone which, of course, got stuck in the s-curve. I think that's the real reason for the grrrrrreat mood today. So, critter moms, we all go through this. Does anyone else have these days?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To All You Mother Lovers.

So I was laying in bed next to my mom, NOT farting in her face (you know, because it's Mother's Day) thinking about how great she is. I mean, yesterday she was feeding me the fat from ribs from Big Daddy's BBQ in St. Paul. The day before that she took me to work so that we could walk around the lake together while she was at lunch, even though that morning she was awakened by what was one of the foulest stenches I could muster. What do you expect? It was time for breakfast and my kisses didn't get her out of bed. I had to resort to other measures.

I know all of your moms are great for you, but for me, my mom is the best mom I could have ever dreamt of. She is beautiful, and funny, and so smart and clever and she puts up with me, the cats, and even my dad.

So best wishes and congratulations to you all for your mamas, but from me and the cats, "Cheers!" to mine. She is the greatest and I hate to have to say it, but sorry suckers! She's mine.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Here is a picture of her all beautiful and sweet on the coast of Orcas Island. Even the grass bends to be closer to her.