Sunday, March 13, 2011


So the donations are coming in - 3 figures already! Please re-post on your blog if you are not Joe Stains and want to participate in this super good idea fund raiser. Email me at emilyhthompson @ if you are not Joe Stains for details!

Super good idea that will make everyone feel better.

Ok, so I have a super good idea that will make everyone feel better, but I'm gonna need a little help with this, and by help, I mean donations. So if you are not Joe Stains, and want to help, please email me at emilyhthompson @ and I'll let you in on it. And if you can't help, don't feel bad at all but pass it on to the other dog bloggers because Joe Stains brings a lot of love laughter into our lives and we are going to CELEBRATE all that he is!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All this BAD STUFF!

Ok, so I'm pretty upset about some stuff going on: Nuclear meltdown, tsunamis, earthquakes, and my buddy Joe Stains is sick. I'm kind of speechless about the last one. But Joe said I'm not supposed to be upset because he's feeling pretty good. So I'm not gonna be upset, ok, Joe?
But I'm still sending some healing vibes.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Guess who's not invited to Hawaii!

So my mom and dad are preparing for vacation which is totally exciting because I love vacation, but then they explained to me that I CAN'T GO!!!! because they don't want to stick me in cargo because I'm 22lbs now and Hawaii doesn't have rabies but neither do I. And I guess there is tons of crazy paperwork and rabies titers and all that crap, so I have to stay home alone, all by myself, just me and the cats and the fish, fending for ourselves and starving to death. (Ike's mom here: his grandma will be here the whole time. She's retired and hangs out with him all day. If she goes shopping, he goes shopping. Drama.)
Ok, so my mom spilled the beans about my grandma being here, but get this - she doesn't let me sleep in her bed! I have this scrap of pillow on the hard cold floor where I curl up and try to keep warm. (Ike's mom here: he has a large pillow on a carpeted floor and his grandma put another pillow against the wall so he doesn't ever have to touch a cold wall.)
And the worst part is my mom and dad are meeting my Auntie Kat and Uncle Ansel who I haven't seen in ages and ages! All they talk about is Hawaii, this and Hawaii that and what are they gonna bring and what do they want to see without me. Sob.
Please take me with you!