Monday, January 28, 2008

Poultry phalanges.

So my mom and dad went through a drive thru the other day and got fast food (which is awesome) and the lady there gave me a biscuit and I was all 'whatever, I can smell the good stuff in there' so I didn't take it. And then she said "Is he spoiled? Would he like a chicken finger?" and I was like "Yes, please."
And this is a picture of chicken fingers - don't really look like fingers at all.

And here's a pic of me sunning.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

World Poetry.

So this book came alive and started chewing itself yesterday, and I got blamed, and that's total BS.

It couldn't have been me because I was busy doing this.

I get blamed when the cats pee on the floor too.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Orange moon.

Ok, so I haven't posted in forever because there has been nothing to post about except a few days ago my mom and dad bought me this orange moon that gets so dizzy that it pukes out treats when I roll it and it's awesome!
Here's a video!

Maggie and Mitch tagged me with this questions!

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
What kind of animal is spoiled rotten, sleeps on the couch all day and doesn't have to work for food ... hmmm .... Oh, wait - ME!

2. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
I would like to live where it's warm all the time, but not too warm and isn't super expensive so my mom and dad can still buy me stuff - any recommendations?

3. What is your favourite music?
Well, my mom and dad like sad bastard music like Iron and Wine and Ray LaMontagne and stuff so I guess I like that because I don't have a choice.

4. What job would you like to have?
A dishwasher at a pizza joint - and by dishwasher I mean plate licker and crust eater.

I tag my wife, Martha!

Oh and, sigh, my mom is making me admit this as punishment - I was a total butt hole today. My mom was kissing my chest, and I got snarky with her. I kissed her a lot afterward, but you know, this cabin fever is making me crazy, and I'm really sorry - do you guys ever get fed up with your moms and dads?

Oh and I forgot to give my medical update: I started barfing blood on the last day of my antibiotics for my bladder infection and my mom freaked, but with some ulcer medications and antacids, I'm ok now. But then I started peeing blood again so I'm on a different antibiotic which is awesome because it's flavored and not gross like the last one which is good.

Due to popular demand, here is a link to what my orange moon is called and stuff.
And BTW - my mom said she puts Charlie Bear treats in it because they are the perfect size and something about being only 3 calories each - whatever that means.

Monday, January 7, 2008


That's what I've been doing lately because now my mom has the flu and my dad is spending all his time taking care of her and not taking care of me and I've been making sure my mom has a nap buddy. So today, I slept for like 8 hours on the couch and now all I want to do is eat dinner and play, but my mom said I have to wait for my dad to come home. And my mom wants me to tell all you guys to tell your people to stay away from people with the flu because this is a bad strain and she said that for one whole day she couldn't keep her legs still because her hips and knees were so achy she had to move them to get relief and that was with flu medication on board. Whatever.
Here's an old pic of me because no one is taking pics of me these days and I've been thinking a lot about summer. I'm sorry this post is so boring.