Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday and he's 30 which is like 400 in dog years!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things.

So this post is a photo journal of my favorite things ... and we all know I have a lot of favorites! And I'm calling on all of my dog blogging friends to do the same - I want to see posts of your favorites 'cause they will probably be my favorites too!
Ike's mom here: this is by no means a comprehensive list of Ike's favorites - I don't know if Blogger's server could hold a file that big!

Favorite #1
Kissing my dad.

Favorite #2
Sleeping in the big bed.

Favorite #3
Rolling on the floor and snorting.

Favorite #4
Licking plates (Duncan's favorite too.)

Favorite #5
Begging for food.

Favorite #6
Peanut butter in my Kong.

And I of course love pooping (no pic, sorry) and eating just about anything - especially Frosty Paws and snuggling with my mom on the couch and when my mom and dad get home and I run around like crazy snorting and making whiny noises and attacking my stuffies and bucking like a wild horse. So I guess life is my favorite!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Atticus is coming to town.

So my cousin Atticus is coming to visit this weekend and my uncle Travis and Aunt Tyler too and Atticus is a baby and I met him last summer when I first came to live with my mom and my dad, but I guess he's walking now which means he will probably chase me which I'm not really looking forward to and babies love to steal attention away from dogs ... I've never really dealt with walking babies - any tips? But the cool thing is my mom and dad and everyone stay up really late when they visit and they drink and play poker and give me lots of treats.
And yesterday, I went to the park with my mom and it was 81 degrees and sunny and we went to the waterfall and I got to sniff lots of stuff and I was really tired when I got home. Then we sat outside in the sun and panted all afternoon and my mom got a little sunburned which she said is ok because she would rather be red than like a scary, pale ghost.
Oh and guess what! I've graduated to the kitchen - no more cage for me as long as I am good and I've been really good which is awesome because I get really scared in the cage and shake because I am afraid it will be like before when I never got to come out.
So here's a picture of Atticus from my mom and dad's trip to California in February when he was 14 mos. old.

And this is what I think of babies.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

We have a winner.

By overwhelming majority "holds handsome for ransom" is the winner of the Fetching Tags poll but now my mom and dad can't decide if it should be "holds handsome for ransom" or just plain "handsome for ransom" so I thought I would find out what you guys think.
So here is a picture of me wondering what you all think.

Friday, March 23, 2007


So my mom's at it again because I got a new collar so she decided to dress me up in my cool jeans and take my picture like a million times. She said only head shots turned out so she is making me post these pictures because she won't stop swooning over me saying how handsome I am as if I don't already know. And my dad said that my new collar looks like Joe Stains' collar which I guess it kind of does.
So here are my head shots so Martha can have a picture of me to kiss goodnight so prepare yourselves for premium handsomeness.
Oh and if you haven't already, please go to my previous post and vote for my Fetching Tag tagline!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fetching Tag.

So I finally convinced my mom and dad to buy me a Fetching Tag because they think $30 is a lot to spend on a tag that I will have forever when they don't think $30 is a lot to spend on a couple bottles of wine they will crush in a weekend! But now we don't know what it should say and we have it narrowed down to five choices so I thought we should do a poll to see what all my friends think because I'm really just trying to impress my friends anyway.

Ike's mom here: here's a picture of Ike peeing (payback for the wine comment.)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Memory Foam.

So my mom and dad bought a new three-inch memory foam topper for their mattress because my mom has been having a lot of back pain and she wakes up in the morning and goes "oooooooo" and she's hoping this new thing will work. I thought sleep was good before! Now when I'm in the bed I sink into it and I feel like I'm sleeping on a huge marshmallow that I can't eat - I guess I kind of wish it was a marshmallow because marshmallows would probably be my favorite. And she bought the topper a little too big because they run small and she cut off the excess and put a piece in my sun sleeping mat and a piece in Saffron's basket and now Saffron is going to get even fatter because she won't ever get out of her basket.
It's four o-clock and we haven't even been on a walk yet because we have been laying in bed reading all day and that's the life!
Here's a picture of me living the life - notice Odin totally copying me.

And here's a picture of Saffron getting even fatter.

Friday, March 16, 2007

My most boring post ever.

Oh my God, I am so embarrassed ... so I nominated myself to be a featured blog on Dogs with Blogs so I could get a little more exposure because I'm still kind of new at this and I guess I indirectly nominated myself for an Awesome Blog Award and I totally didn't mean to. And I nominated my girlfriend Martha for the Awesome Blog Award so now I am running against her and I feel like a huge doofus. (No offense Tanner) I also submitted a picture of myself for the photo contest on Dogs with Blogs which I'm not embarrassed about because I am so handsome so vote for my photo please.
Also, my mom is making me cover some health issues because she is in the dog health profession and because our moms and dads need to keep up on things like Tanner's mom did with his gross thing on his leg so I have two more things to talk about. I don't really like talking about this boring stuff but my mom is making me.
The first thing is a recall on wet dog and cat food that can cause kidney failure and here is a link to the site that tells you if maybe you have some of that food because kidney failure is really bad and my mom treats a lot of animals with kidney failure at work and it's really hard.
Also, my mom wants me to remind everyone how important it is to brush your dog's teeth because our mouths are really gross and we get lots of tartar and that makes our gums infected and if the infection gets bad enough, it can make teeth fall out or make big pus pockets under our skin or even spread infection to our hearts and kidneys which is really bad.
So this is a silent film of my mom brushing my teeth ... and now she's bugging me to say that you have to do it at least every third day because it takes 3-4 days for plaque to turn to tartar - jeez guys, I'm sorry this post is soooo stupid.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

When good dogs do bad things.

So yesterday, my mom and dad went to Kristin's 30th birthday party (Happy birthday Kristin!!!!) and afterward, they came home and got me to go to an after party at my aunt and uncle's house where I met Kristin and her husband Nate for the very first time. You see, Nate and Kristin looooove dogs and they have three - Pearl who is an English bulldog and Agnes who is a pug and Esther who is a Boston terrier like me and I have never met them before but someday I will and my mom and dad got their first Boston because they love Esther so much. So anyway, I was meeting Nate for the very first time and he was talking to me and I was scared and he really likes to give Bostons kisses and pull on their lips (he calls them flappies) with his mouth and he tried to do that to me and I was really scared that he was going to eat me and people used to be really mean to me so I bit him in the face. Oops. But I didn't make him bleed or anything and I felt really stupid afterward and my mom yelled at me and Nate felt bad because I was scared of him and Nate said that he was sorry and it was all his fault which it wasn't because good dogs don't bite but that was the first time I ever bit anyone and I am really sorry.

And this is a picture of me looking really sorry.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mr. Handsome vs. Kong.

So my mom got me a Kong and she fills it with treats and puts a plug of peanut butter on the end and puts it in the freezer and licking the peanut butter and getting the treats out is my new favorite thing to do and it really helps with my cabin fever. My mom said that I am getting fat because I gained two pounds this winter, but the weather man said it's going to be like fifty degrees for two days next week and I can totally lose a pound a day so I can still have my Kong and eat it too.

This is a picture of me checking to see how many treats are in the Kong.

And this is a picture of me using my chameleon tongue to get the treats out.

And just in case you've never seen my tongue before, this is a picture of my tongue.

And this is a picture of me looking handsome and my dad says "Ike's so handsome, he holds handsome for ransom," whatever that means.

And here's a picture of a little more handsomeness because my mom has been taking a lot of pictures lately and she is making me post this.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


So today was go to Grandma's day which we haven't done forever and it's my favorite because I get a lot of treats and get to try everything and lick a lot of dishes which I love. I also got to hang out with Ruby and Pearl who are the big dogs who live there and they're ok, I guess, although Ruby is crazy and snarls at everyone at night and they have her on antidepressants which helps but she's still nuts so Pearl is really the only one who I like, and she's kind of my friend although we don't play or anything but we have the same appreciation for food. And the best part was dessert where we got to lick beaters and bowls with frosting on them.

And this is a picture of me in the car in my sunglasses because it was really sunny today, finally.

And this is a picture of my friend Pearl and she's nine.

And this is a picture of crazy Ruby and she's nine too.

And this is a picture of Pearl and me licking plates that had chicken and dumplings on them that my grandma made and she makes the best food ever.

And this is a picture of me eating a chicken bit and I was really excited about it.

And this is a picture of Pearl and me sharing the chicken and dumplings bowl because we share really well.

And this is a picture of our actual dinner that had chicken skin and celery and all that other good stuff on it and my mom thinks I will have diarrhea tomorrow because I always do after going to my grandma's house but it's totally worth it.