Friday, March 16, 2007

My most boring post ever.

Oh my God, I am so embarrassed ... so I nominated myself to be a featured blog on Dogs with Blogs so I could get a little more exposure because I'm still kind of new at this and I guess I indirectly nominated myself for an Awesome Blog Award and I totally didn't mean to. And I nominated my girlfriend Martha for the Awesome Blog Award so now I am running against her and I feel like a huge doofus. (No offense Tanner) I also submitted a picture of myself for the photo contest on Dogs with Blogs which I'm not embarrassed about because I am so handsome so vote for my photo please.
Also, my mom is making me cover some health issues because she is in the dog health profession and because our moms and dads need to keep up on things like Tanner's mom did with his gross thing on his leg so I have two more things to talk about. I don't really like talking about this boring stuff but my mom is making me.
The first thing is a recall on wet dog and cat food that can cause kidney failure and here is a link to the site that tells you if maybe you have some of that food because kidney failure is really bad and my mom treats a lot of animals with kidney failure at work and it's really hard.
Also, my mom wants me to remind everyone how important it is to brush your dog's teeth because our mouths are really gross and we get lots of tartar and that makes our gums infected and if the infection gets bad enough, it can make teeth fall out or make big pus pockets under our skin or even spread infection to our hearts and kidneys which is really bad.
So this is a silent film of my mom brushing my teeth ... and now she's bugging me to say that you have to do it at least every third day because it takes 3-4 days for plaque to turn to tartar - jeez guys, I'm sorry this post is soooo stupid.


The Brat Pack said...

We just found your blog and wanted to say we think you're SUPER cute!!

The Brat Pack

Joe Stains said...

oh my, competition against your girlfriend, that is harsh!

We have toothbrushes, they are evil, but Mom says we have to do it. Your mom is very smart.

Thanks for thinking of Tanner, he is totally sleeping and I am off enjoying some quiet.

Myeo said...

We have problems too.. You see, we are two pups but we only get 1 vote and it is so tough. Boy wants to vote for Chiyo while Baby wants to vote for you...Hmmm, we are in dilemma.

Boy n Baby

jenn said...

Ike, you have a girlfriend? Oh, my broken heart. I'll still vote for you anyway beacuae you are so handsome!

Thanks for the tip about teeth brushing, I get mine done and hate it. Now that I know tht you have to do it to, it isn't so bad.

♥ Saidie

Anonymous said...

Ike, I will forgive you but you must send me lots and lots of treats. I like hamburger (raw) and chicken (cooked) - this will give me superpower poofs and make my humans gag. I laugh long time! My Mom brushes my toofers all the time and I hate her for it until I look at my pearly whites in the mirror and see how lovely they are. Love, Martha

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Ike,

I love BOTH yours and Martha's blogs - they both deserve to be the "Awesome Blog" :-)


wally said...

Yo Ike! I came here because you nominated yourself so well done! Humility is for the cats!


ps. great pictures! Your tongue is truly awe inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ike! Thanks for visiting us! Sorry it took forever for us to stop by. We love your blog and hope you win the Awesome Blog Award!!

When your mom is brushing your teeth, it looks like you want to chomp on that toothbrush. :)

Peanut said...

Brushing is important or so my mom says. I like chewing on bones that helps clean your teeth too.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Ike, Do you floss too?

Tadpole said...

My girl in panicking because I've been sick lately and she thinks it might be because of that food stuff... thanks for the info!

Martha is one lucky girl....

Anonymous said...

It's not a stupid post at all. Dogmom brushes our teeth a lot... cuz we keep breakin them and having to go to the doggie dentist. She says no more (but we know she'll cave in if we do it again!)

Hana said...

Hey Ike, thanks for visiting my bloggy. Hey hey, don't worry about being embarassed about accidentally nominating yourself. We are DOGS... we don't get embarassed by ANYTHING!

Avery said...

Hi Ike! I'm glad you nominated yourself, or I might not have found your blog!

You are awfully good while your mom brushes your teeth. I try to be pretty good about it too, but I lick the whole time, which Mom says makes it kinda hard to get to my front toothies.