Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are recovering from the tragic loss of Cosmo-Smeagol and things are back to normal now. I am like super excited because the weather has been really great except for today and it was even 80 degrees for a little while! I've been on tons of walkies, and we were even back to nite-time walkies which are pretty much my favorite kind of walkies.
My dad's hours were cut at work to 80% time, so my mom has been gone a lot lately because she has been doing some pet sitting to make extra money which means more treats for me, but it really sucks because she stays over at the houses and they are mansions because she works in a really rich, old neighborhood called Kenwood in Minneapolis. The house she stayed in yesterday's master bedroom closet is bigger than our bedroom and the lights automatically turn on when you walk in! Too bad I don't get to come too because I totally deserve to live in a mansion! The busy season is starting soon for my dad, so hopefully he will be back to full time, otherwise he will have to get a second job which really sucks. Stupid economy!
Here's a picture of me hating the economy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Super sad, terrible, awful news.

I'm super sorry to report that Cosmo-Smeagol didn't make it. The doctors think he might have had a freak case of intestinal lymphoma even though he was only three years old. Apparently, sphynxes are very prone to intestinal disorders. I want to thank everyone who donated some money to his care - you raised over $100, which is a huge help because my mom just did her taxes and they owe over a grand even though they each claim 0 dependants which makes my mom livid.
So, I am really depressed that my new buddy died, it's just not fair! I know that my predecessor, Meg, and Pearl and Carl the cat and Alley the cat and Maggie the dog and Rocky the dog and a bunch of other friends that I have met for real and in spirit are taking good care of him in heaven. I just don't understand how this could happen. He was pretty much the sweetest cat in the whole world and I thought my kisses would heal him. RIP Cosmo-Smeagol and godspeed - my sweet little naked buddy.
Again, thank you all so much for the healing vibes and the donations. You are all the best puppies and kitties and people in the whole world!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ok, now it's really serious.

So my mom and dad just got back from the emergency clinic. Cosmo-Smeagol was doing ok this afternoon and we went over to Auntie Kathryn's house for some burgers. We were there for about four hours, and when we got home, he was really really sick and his temp was so low it didn't register on the thermometer. So they locked me up and rushed him to the emergency room where they are getting him warm and putting him on IV fluids because his butt totally sploded and he lost tons of fluid. And some of his poop was totally undigested cat food still in kibble form. So anyway, Cosmo-Smeagol needs a lot of healing vibes sent his way because we are really worried that he might have intestinal lymphoma instead of IBD, but it could be just really bad, uncontrolled IBD, and the only way to know is to do biopsies and he is in no condition to do that. So please, pass his story on so we can get a butt-load of healing vibes for Cosmo-Smeagol. And again - if you can spare a buck or two, he really needs the money now because my mom had to bust out the emergency credit card, and she is super stressed. Thanks everyone, and we'll keep you posted. Her paypal is And sorry I haven't been to any blogs lately, but, you know.
And this is what I look like right now sending healing vibes because I don't want my new friend to die.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ok, so last night my mom got home from work and had Smeagol (his real name is Cosmo, but really, he looks like a Smeagol) in a carrier. I never knew it, but Smeagol is actually a cat! He's a sphynx and is supposed to be bald. And he will be living in my bathroom for a while because my mom is fostering him until she can find him a rescue or a home. His last two owners couldn't take care of him because he has inflammatory bowel disease which means he needs a prescription diet and he might need medication forever. So my mom took him home and now he is on the right food and on medication, but he isn't doing that great right yet. As I dictate this, the cats are locked in the bedroom and he is sleeping on the couch with me because I am a great nurse! Today he woke up with a high fever and we can't really figure that one out, so it's off to the clinic for antibiotics!
Anyhowl - his care is going to be expensive because he might need to be hospitalized. If anyone can spare a buck or two to help him, it would forever be appreciated! My mom has a paypal account and her ID is
I know you are all thinking - hey, your mom works at a vet hospital! - but she only gets free exams and 20% off diagnostics. She can get medications a little over cost, but it still is expensive, because he really needs bloodwork and my mom is poor because she is doing what she loves. She is super embarrassed to be asking for help, but it's for a good cause so she is swallowing her pride. Please pass on his story so people know about him and maybe someone will want to adopt him because he really needs a forever home!
Here are some pics from last night.

This is where I am all "WTF is this?"

This is where the magic happens. I sang the diarrhea song, and my mom told me that's not very nice.

And now I'm like "He's a pretty cool guy!"

And here I realize that he is sick and needs a kiss.

Isn't he cool looking?

And here's a totally handsome picture of me for Martha!

My bathroom.

This is what is living in my bathroom. Come back tomorrow for details.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Grumpy dog.

Ok, so my mom has been taking pictures of me because she thinks I should update my blog, but sometimes I just don't feel like it and I just like looking at other blogs. Also, it's supposed to snow this weekend. WTF?