Monday, December 31, 2007

Best dog in the whole wide world.

Ike's mom here: Just wanted to let everyone know what a stellar little champ Ike has been with my brother's 2 year old and the 5 month old baby. He's getting over his fear of strangers, and he's just been so easygoing with all the chaos around here.
Here's to a new year filled with accomplishments and lots and lots of treats!
Happy New Year all you DWBers!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas!!!!

Enough said.
Merry Christmas to all, especially my beautiful wife, Martha!
Here are some pics.
We decorated cookies at my grandma's last night. That's me and grumpy Grandpa.

This was this morning when my mom told me Christmas is finally here!

And then she said lots of treats for me today!

And then I got a stocking with treats in it! Woot, woot!

And then we looked outside and saw that the rabbits were congregating last night.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Martha Luvs Ikes!

So I was having a really bad day because I was home with my sick dad and then I went out to pee and my dad was all like "oh, no! your pee is red, Ikenstein!" And I was like "so ..." So then my dad called my mom and I was rushed to the hospital which is ok because my mom works there and then they stuck a needle in my belly and they did x-rays because there was a lot of blood and the doctor was all "jeez, I hope there isn't a bladder stone!" And my mom was all "Oh, no!" so they did x-rays and there was no stone but there also wasn't a lot of pee because (this is really embarrassing) I was dribbling. So they cultured the drop they got and put me on antibiotics and pain killers and then I came home.
Ok - so that was the bad part of the day ... then I got home and had dinner like usual and the door buzzer buzzed and it was FedEx and there was a package for me and it was from my wife, Martha and it's the biggest treat I've ever seen let alone owned for myself and it says Martha Luvs Ikes and it has carob on it so it's like having chocolate without getting sick and there is also a bag of other treats and it's pretty much the best present I've ever gotten, like ever!
And now I'm feeling really guilty because I haven't found the perfect present for my wife even though I've been looking and my wife bought the perfect present for me!

And this is a picture of me finding out what's in the box.

And this is a picture of the best present in the world - just wait till you see how big it is!


And this is me kissing my wife.


So, my dad is all sick with the flu and is like "I have a fever, I don't feel good, I might puke ..." blah, blah, blah and the FedEx people came while he was in the bath tub and he missed the package. Nice. He better still be sick tomorrow so I get my package because I really, really wonder what it is and who it's from.
And for all who are wondering if I'm taking care of my sick dad, yeah, I totally am.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Random stuff.

So I was looking at my puglet friend Suki Sumo's site and she had this thing posted where you can find out what reading level is required for your blog.

cash advance

So does that mean you have to be super smart to understand me and is that because I'm really confusing or just that advanced?

And this is a picture of all my favorite cards that I've gotten in the mail - all 56 of them! And I let my mom's one card join because I felt bad for it and I got really excited and messed them all up - woops!

Thanks to all my DWB friends for proving to my mom how much more popular I am than her (I still love her though.) In the words of Ruby "Woot!"

And this is a picture that my mom thinks is funny - I am el bandido!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mr. Popularity.

So I've been getting like 6 cards a day in the mail because I am so popular and I'm really happy that everyone has been sending them because it's helping my cabin fever. And today, my mom brought a tree in the house again like she did last year which is weird.

Here's a picture of me under the tree like a present - the best present ever!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So, I haven't been around much because I'm totally depressed because it snowed and I hate snow. I'm totally bored in the house and totally hating being outside. Does anyone have any ideas to help me with my cabin fever?
And here's a picture from last year, but it looks the same ... crappy.
But it's not that deep, yet.

Oh, and one good thing did happen - I found some stray-cat poo and rolled in it and ate it. My mom was not pleased.