Friday, February 29, 2008

The Duncan reporting.

This is Duncan reporting on what a sh*tty little dog Ike is. Yesterday, the moms was PMSing hardcore, I mean like whoa, get out the the way because she is maaaaaaaaad, and she had a really bad day at work. When she got home, she found that someone had peed on the new rug in the kitchen and not just a little pee. Keep in mind that a few days before, he ate his own crap and barfed it up, and the only way our dad knew it was barf was because it had green beans in it. I'm all for eating your own barf, but eating poo is just ridiculous, and he always wants to eat my poo too. And then later in the evening, the moms and the pops weren't paying attention to him, so he got pissed off and peed on the other new rug near the door and I was pretty sure the moms was going to knock Ike's block off, but she just yelled at him and then ignored him for a super long time.
Cats don't pull that kind of crap.
Here's a pic of the guilty little a-hole.

Edit: Talk about rewarding bad behavior! Head on over to Joe's blog for this doozy! Thanks Joe Stains, I'm glad someone understands me.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am a sh*tty little dog.

More to follow. My mom is too mad at me to type.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Proper walkies.

So it's finally warm enough for me to go farther than the alley to poop, and my mom and I went for proper walkies today. It's really wet and slushy out and I got really dirty on my undercarriage so it was straight into the tub for me when we got home and my mom even cleaned my ears which is pretty much the worst sensation ever.
I left a lot of peemail for all the neighborhood doggies and there were a lot of freshly thawed poopsicles to smell so it was a pretty good walk overall except for when I walked on an icy puddle and fell through.
No pics because my mom was too lazy to bring the big camera so here's a really old pic of me and my mom getting some sun.

Also, I'm up for photo of the month at DWB (thanks Ruby) and I'm up against some awesome pics of my bestest friends - how ever do I choose?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total eclipse of the moon.

So the moon disappeared tonight, and my mom took this photo and she is making me post it because she is showing off.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Trip Photojournal.

First off, great news: they got their Baby back Baby back Baby back!

Next up is a photo journal from my trip to visit my granny and family in Iowa!

So when we were driving down there, we stopped in this town called Clear Lake and they were having a kite festival on the frozen lake - crazy and cold!

This is a picture of me braving the cold for a photo op.

And then we got to my granny's and I saw these beasties on the farm and they're called bison and they're jumpy - I pretty much scared them and they broke an electric wire and I didn't even have to bark.

And this is how I scared them, and my dad helped.

And then I met this horse who my mom loves, and I growled at him.

And then we opened presents with my cousins and I got a hat and a jacket, but the jacket is too small because my granny didn't realize how buff I am so we have to exchange it - pics later.

And I got to play with my treat ball like at home.

And then it was time to go home and the car started to smoke in the driveway so we had to take it to a repair shop and they don't really do a lot of Nissans in Iowa so we had to leave it there and drive my granny's summer car home so we have to go back this weekend to get the car. Woo hoo!

But there was a storm while we were there and then there was a lot of wind so the roads were really crappy to drive on and my dad was all growly and agitated because the roads looked like this and it wasn't even snowing, it was just the wind blowing the snow because Iowa only has one tree to block the wind because it's all farms.

Finally we got the the freeway and were all "whew" but the freeway looked like this.

There were cars off the road everywhere and it was really scary so I pretty much slept the whole time.

And there was one spot where there were 17 cars in the ditch.

And some looked like this.

And this.
But most of these happened the night before and they were still there because there was a towing ban to keep the tow trucks from making everything worse.
So it's way sucky that we had to leave my car in Iowa, but at least it didn't break down on the road because that would have been the worst ever but all things considered, it was an awesome trip with snacks like bison stew and chili and lots of stuff the kids dropped on the floor.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Goin on a trip!

What up dogs? Just a quick post to let you know I'm going on a trip to the bison farm to see my grandma and step-grandpa and my cousins and auntie and uncle so pics from that later.
Also, I won a contest!
And to tide you over until then:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Caught red pawed.

I blamed Duncan and then barfed up some paper. I think I need a lawyer.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

This is the Duncan.

I know you all remember me because I am the mighty warrior Duncan who is the mightiest warrior of all! This was me as a warrior kitten honing my skillz on my momz.

You all think you know Ike and think that he is the coolest dog but you are so wrong.
You think this is how he sleeps.

You also think that he sort of likes cats but you don't know how much he likes cats because you don't know that his lets Odin lay on him and here is proof. He is no dog. He is canis felinicus - otherwise known as a pussy dog.

Monday, February 4, 2008


And my dad is really into politics and would want me to post this!

Who's your daddy?

So my dad is pretty much my best friend so I thought I would post about him today because I really think he's awesome. He just finished his degree after like 300 years and he has so many hobbies I don't know how he can find time for me, but he always does. And he has a show on community radio - KFAI - and you can listen to it online, and he also has a blog about the show.
Here's a link to the blog, and you can make suggestions about the show and what type of theme you want to hear. And I only thought of this because my picture is on the blog and well, you know.
So here's an old picture of me and my dad.

Tell me about your dads!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Suki Sumo.

Ok so on Friday night, Suki Sumo and her mom and dad came over to give me my paw it forward presents and they were awesome and I say were because it was two stuffies - which I have destroyed and a cookie - which the cats stole and a box of treats - which I've eaten a lot of. But the blankie still lives!

This is a picture of Suki!

And we had pizza!

And Suki was barking at my water dish forever and we couldn't figure out why and then my mom realized that she didn't want to drink a bowl of my slobber. Whatever.
So I'm not really awesome with other dogs and I was an a-hole to Suki so I want to take this opportunity to say I'm sorry to her and her mom and dad.
Thanks for coming over Suki and her mom and dad!

This stuffie died today.

And this is a video from the visit.

Three dogs need to volunteer for paw it forward - I will send you each a gift and then you each need to send a gift to three other dogs!