Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lola needs your help!

Hey everybody, my cousin dog Lola severed her achilles tendon and had surgery to fix it and the surgery failed and now she needs another surgery for two thousand dollars (the first surgery was a grand) and my uncle needs your help to finance it. If he can't come up with enough, they will have to amputate otherwise she will be dragging a useless leg. And the worst thing is she's only 5 months old. My uncle rescued Lola from abusive and neglectful neighbors who were starving her. She was out having a good time with their other dog, Boo, when she ran under the deck to their house and there was some metal sticking out that they didn't know about and she sliced her leg. So please, please, please help Lola save her leg so she can have a normal life. Please repost this or link to my blog!