Monday, February 19, 2007

My mom and dad are home.

Holy crap, that was a long vacation! My mom and dad finally picked me up today and I was away forever at Tory's house and Tory said I did fine even though I was really scared for the first two days. He said my mind was "locked" with fear and we were learning to release that and he is going to teach my mom how to help me so I can be a better dog.
My mom said they spent a lot of time walking on the beaches in California while I spent a lot of time freezing in Minnesota but I'm glad they had fun but I'm still jealous. I'm also really glad I'm home and I can sleep on the couch again and eat greenies and stuff and I got a bath tonight because my mom and dad were away from dogs for a long time and didn't realize how good I smelled.
I'm going to bed now - woo hoo, the big bed with my parents! I'll write more tomorrow or the next day because I'm really, really tired and there's no picture of me because I was away.


Myeo said...

Hey Ike, glad that your mom and dad is back cos it means we get to read more about you...hehe.

Boy n Baby

p/s: Baby sends her kisses *muah muah*.

Joe Stains said...


Boo Casanova said...

gosh! baby is flirting everywhere. luckily i'm checking out all the boys' blog! hehehe.

well, you have share baby's love with me.

glad your hooman is back home and share the bed with you. mom is not working till next monday because of the chinese new year. :-)

wet wet licks