Sunday, February 4, 2007

In case we get stranded.

So, it's been super, duper cold out and today, it's 3:43pm and I haven't even peed yet. I went out and pooped and then I started to cry because I was so cold I thought my wiener was going to freeze off so I didn't pee. It's -4 degrees, but with the wind chill, it's -24 degrees so that means your skin freezes in like 15 minutes or something and I don't want to look like one of those stray cats that doesn't have ear tips because they froze off.
And tonight it's going to get down to -15 degrees without the chilly wind so I am not going out to pee and I don't care what anyone says because I don't want to die. My mom and dad are talking about moving and I think that's a really good idea because I don't want them to die either.
And another thing, the cold weather advisory people said that people should keep a winter survival kit in their cars so if the car breaks down they will have stuff to keep them from freezing their ears off. I am going to make my survival kit now because we are going to my grandma's house and if we get stranded I will need my blanket, boots, at least one jacket and one sweater, a scarf, a couple of chewies in case we are stranded for a long time, a heating pad and lots of food because I will need to get fatter. I want to take the couch too and the moving pictures box so we have something to do, but my mom said we can't.
And this is a picture of me getting ready to go out.


Myeo said...

Hey Ike, you look so cute being wrapped up like that. Btw, when is you adoption or barkday of you mom knows?

Boy n Baby

Emily and Ike said...

My adoption was June of last year. Barkday is unknown :( so we will celebrate my adoption.

Joe Stains said...

IKE, you have to come to Arizona, it was 75 here today!!