Wednesday, February 7, 2007


So I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I really like food and not just dog food but anything my mom and dad eat. And lately, I really like fruit and my mom is on a banana kick so bananas are my favorite and yesterday, I tried apple which might be my favorite too. My mom puts bananas on her cereal and sometimes I get to lick the bowl, but sometimes she lets Duncan lick the bowl because he likes food like me. And I really like all the usual stuff like bacon and pizza and other good stuff like that. What kind of food do you guys like?
My dog food is really good, too, and it's a prescription hypoallergenic diet because my mom is a vet tech and she always thinks there is something wrong with me especially because I barf in the morning if I don't get a snack before bed and an antacid and another pill that helps me not feel barfy in the morning. But anyway, the hypoallergenic food makes me less farty because my farts were really frequent and made my mom and dad's eyes water even though I thought they were really good.
Here is a picture of me eating a banana. And the other picture is me laying in the sun which I really like to do in the winter and I don't understand how the sun can be so warm when outside is so cold.
Oh and another thing, my mom and dad have been working on a very special Valentine's Day surprise, so make sure you look at my blog on the 13th because that is when I am going to post the surprise and I saw it and it's really cool.


Tom said...

my most favorite is french fries and pizza crusts!

Tom said...

oh and cheese and yogurt!

Joe Stains said...

ARGH my dad left himself signed in again! Tom = JOESTAINS!!

Anonymous said...

Ike, this is Martha's Mom! I love your jeans - very stylish. Let your 'rents know that I use a digital Rebel (DSLR) to take my photos of the Divine Miss M.

Myeo said...

We love all kinds of Food.. But dont eat too many apples, it can gives you gastric thou.

We just cant wait for the V day to see what you are up to :)

Boy n Baby

Bentley and Niko said...

Hi Ike. Niko here. You see me and oz are the same exact age and we have the same bitey face game. I've told him about you and your cute jeans though, and he thinks they look cool too. I just hope we can all be really good friends.