Sunday, February 25, 2007

12 inches of snow.

So all the news people said this big snow storm was coming and it didn't come and didn't come and then last night it came ... yuck! And now going for walkies is miserable again 'cause I can only walk on sidewalks that are scooped and not all sidewalks are scooped and even when they are scooped, they still have some snow on them and that makes me limp. So now I'm stuck on the couch again and I'm so bored and treats and toys do nothing for my cabin fever and I don't even care about going to Petsmart to walk around because I want to be outside rolling around in the grass and pooping in my poop field instead of on sidewalks - what's a dog to do? Does anyone have a cure for cabin fever - Joe Stains and Tanner and Bentley and Niko get "burned in" in Arizona so what do you guys do when it's so hot you burn your feet? I wish I could be like Martha and KST who love the snow - how do you do it???
And this is another picture of me being bored on the couch. If anyone wants to see me in the snow, my mom will take some pictures so just let me know.


Peanut said...

man I wish we could get 12 inches. That is pefect for me but I can see how it would be hard on a little guy like you. Tell your mom you need a brother or sister to play with so you don't get as bored.

Joe Stains said...

hey ike, you know what we do? we FIGHT! time to get another boston!!!

Emily and Ike said...

So my mom and dad totally want to get another Boston, but we live in a condo and it's one dog only.

Anonymous said...

I wish we'd get another 12" of snow! Then KST would be buried and wouldn't pester me until at least April! You can come visit me in Ohio, Ike, and we can beat the tar out of KST together. Love, Martha

Myeo said...

Hey Ike, it is very obvious from the look on your face that you are real bored. Joe's suggestion is good, you shoud get another boston..hehe

Boy n Baby