Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday.

So I'm still recovering from tooth day and today is Sunday which is my favorite because my mom and dad are super lazy like me on Sunday and I spend most of the day snuggling with them and then we go to my grandma's house and I get to lick lots of plates and I get really unusual treats. And Odin and me are coming to a sort of understanding because he likes snuggling as much as me and we have to share my dad because he is really warm and kind of squishy. And we've also learned to share my mom too because she is also warm and squishy and she doesn't want me to post this picture of her in her PJs because she said she looks horrible but I think she just looks like my mom and that she never looks horrible, maybe a little goofy though.
My mom and dad leave on Wednesday and I have to go stay with Tory so I won't be able to post until they get back on the following Monday. I am really nervous and so is my mom and don't forget to check back for the big Valentine's surprise on Tuesday because it's about me and it's really good.
Here is a picture of me and my dad and Odin snuggling and a picture of me laying on Odin because he is warm but not really squishy because he is fourteen so he's kind of bony but still fluffy and then there's the picture that my mom hates.


Joe Stains said...

wow you do some serious snuggling, and with a CAT even!!

Myeo said...

All of you look so cuddly and all, and we think you are right. Your mom dont look bad. She looks so beautiful even when she is sleeping.

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