Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My mom has today off so I get to spend the day with my tongue stuck to the couch alternating between snoozing and blogging and getting treats which is my favorite kind of day. And as I lay around, I think about what a lucky dog I am because nine months ago I lived at a puppy factory and I wasn't very happy even though I got a lot of sex. I know people think that getting a lot of sex is a very good thing and that it will somehow make them happy, for dogs, having a nice mom and dad and good food and a couch to stick your tongue to is a lot better. So I'm just saying that I am very thankful and I want to post some Web sites of places that help Boston terriers like me get out of the sex trade and into the world of couch licking and treats and kisses (and razberries on my belly which I don't like and make me growl.)
The first two groups that I am listing are the groups that helped me directly - MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue and Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue. Thank you rescue groups for all your help!

And this is a picture of me being thankful.


Joe Stains said...

awwwe what a nice post! we are all glad you have a nice home and someone to blog for you to share fun stories with!

Duke said...

Great post and BTW I just LOVE that last pic!!! Too cute!


Myeo said...

Althou we never went thru your kinda life but we know what you mean. We are so glad that you finally get away from all those and found your hoomans.

Boy n Baby