Monday, February 5, 2007

Are those Bugle Boy jeans you're wearing?

So my mom and dad went to Target last night and when they go to Target, they always look at dog clothes because Target has such cool clothes and my favorite sweater - the blue one that's in my header - is from there. And now they have this new line of Urban Rocker clothes that has T-shirts with skulls and crossbones and Security jackets (which I wanted, but my dad wouldn't buy) and they bought me a pair of jeans that have studs by the pockets that are really cool. So we tried them on last night and they fit really good and I walk a little funny in them but they are warm and I look really, really cool so I like to wear them. And my grandpa saw me in them and he hates everything and he laughed so I know I look good and my mom called me Mr. Fancypants. And here are some pictures of me in my new jeans looking really, really good. And in the tongue picture, I'm eating peanut butter, not baby diaper which would probably be my favorite. Oh, and my mom is making me admit that I peed in the house last night, which you would do too because the pee freezes before it's even out of your body because it's so cold out.


Joe Stains said...

Ike, are you related to Gene Simmons, or are you part snake, because that is the biggest tongue I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Also, those jeans really do look good, I think maybe I need a pair!

Adventures of Bismarck said...

Hi Ike, I just found your site. Your jeans are way cool and the picture with your tongue out is so funny.

Bentley and Niko said...

Those jeans look awesome, I wanna pull the hanky out and run away with it and have everyone chase me! . I finally had my mom help me post if you wanna check out my blog. We've had a busy week!


Myeo said...

Those jeans are super cool. And yes, we were shocked too at your tongue. That is the juiciest tongue that we ever seen.

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