Sunday, March 4, 2007


So today was go to Grandma's day which we haven't done forever and it's my favorite because I get a lot of treats and get to try everything and lick a lot of dishes which I love. I also got to hang out with Ruby and Pearl who are the big dogs who live there and they're ok, I guess, although Ruby is crazy and snarls at everyone at night and they have her on antidepressants which helps but she's still nuts so Pearl is really the only one who I like, and she's kind of my friend although we don't play or anything but we have the same appreciation for food. And the best part was dessert where we got to lick beaters and bowls with frosting on them.

And this is a picture of me in the car in my sunglasses because it was really sunny today, finally.

And this is a picture of my friend Pearl and she's nine.

And this is a picture of crazy Ruby and she's nine too.

And this is a picture of Pearl and me licking plates that had chicken and dumplings on them that my grandma made and she makes the best food ever.

And this is a picture of me eating a chicken bit and I was really excited about it.

And this is a picture of Pearl and me sharing the chicken and dumplings bowl because we share really well.

And this is a picture of our actual dinner that had chicken skin and celery and all that other good stuff on it and my mom thinks I will have diarrhea tomorrow because I always do after going to my grandma's house but it's totally worth it.


jenn said...

Your dinner sure looks delicious at your Grandma's, Ike! I wish my granny lived near me, but she lives far away in Winnipeg which is closer to you. It's very cold there!

Ruby and Pearl are pretty. I'm glad you had a nice Sunday. Sometimes my mom makes eggs for us and I also get runny poo. But I don't have to clean it up, so I don't care!

♥ Saidie

Adventures of Bismarck said...

Yummmmy! That is what Grandmas are for, to spoil you. I love to go to my grandmas, I get to play with Rosie and chew on lots of bones. Big Fun.

Tadpole said...

You're so lucky, Ike! Can I come to your Gramma's with you next time? Massah doesn't let my Grammy give me anything... mean lady. Who cares about runny poo?! Like Saidie said, we don't have to clean it up!

Joe Stains said...

that meal looks great! I would trade that for loose stools any day?!!!

Bentley and Niko said...

Hah! That chicken stuff sounds deee-lishous. Our mom is going away again and not taking us, she says that Vegas is no place for doggies and it is a boring conference anyway, so we have to bug our dad for treats and playing.

Myeo said...

Your dinner looks yummy & you look kewl with that shades.

Boy n Baby

Willie and Waylon said...

Our grammy gives us chicken too!
She lives 3 hours away, but she always has it ready for us when we visit.

Thanks for the link - Waylon is famous