Friday, March 23, 2007


So my mom's at it again because I got a new collar so she decided to dress me up in my cool jeans and take my picture like a million times. She said only head shots turned out so she is making me post these pictures because she won't stop swooning over me saying how handsome I am as if I don't already know. And my dad said that my new collar looks like Joe Stains' collar which I guess it kind of does.
So here are my head shots so Martha can have a picture of me to kiss goodnight so prepare yourselves for premium handsomeness.
Oh and if you haven't already, please go to my previous post and vote for my Fetching Tag tagline!


Myeo said...

We think you look bestest in the 2nd and 3rd pic. Have you ever considered to be a model?

Boy n Baby

Duke said...

I love the tongue action! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...


Peanut said...

You are quite the handsome devil. My mom says if you ever want to leave your home you can come live with us.

Anonymous said...

The headshots are great! We like the second one best.

jenn said...

You are so very handsome, Ike. You're tongue is very cute.

&hearts Saidie

Bentley and Niko said...

those are some great headshots, you should get into some modeling!

when I sleep with my mom I fart in her face too! Me and Bentley both bombed her once and she woke up very grumpy about it. Sheesh! Like we can help it!

-the Nikonator

wally said...

Congratulations, you are America's Next Top Model.


Joe Stains said...

it does look like my collar! we are so cool!

Tadpole said...

Oh crap, Ike. Those jeans make my girl's heart melt.