Monday, April 2, 2007

Playing poker and eating a lot of treats.

So I am so sorry I haven't posted in forever because we have been really busy hanging out at my uncle Ansel and aunt Kathryn's house and eating and playing poker and I'm starting to understand what you all like about babies. Atticus loves to give me food which I love and he's a baby so he's always eating and it's the best and he's learning to pet me nice which I don't really like but I tolerate it because he is a treat dispenser. And he wears this bib with a pocket in the bottom that they call a trough and he keeps food in there and gives it to me.
And my mom and dad have been off work more than usual so they are spending a lot of time with me and I have been going almost everywhere with them so I guess you can understand why I haven't posted.

Here is a picture my uncle Ansel and Zoe going "all in."

And here's a picture of my sweet hand.

And here's a picture of me really late after way too many beers - ok, toilet water.

And this is a picture of how much my mom loves me.

And here's a picture of me and Atty getting along really well.


Duke said...

Does your tongue fit in your mouth! hehehehe I just love that it's always out!
So did you and your mom win at your card game?

Love ya lots,

Myeo said...

You got a very special tongue you know that. Mine only sticks out when i am real sleepy and about to sleep.

Boy n Baby

Boo Casanova said...

aik! does your mom know you've been drinking too much beer... i mean toilet water when she kissed you?? oh dog! i hope she doesn't!

wet wet licks


Tadpole said...

Oh Ike - you are just too funny.... You look like you have a rough few days - have you caught up on your sleep?!

wally said...

Ike, You sure know how to run a hustle.


Balboa said...

I bet you slept really late the next day. Hey if Atticus is gonna give you food, then he's cool. Well, my mommy keeps saying how adorable you are, she just squeals everytime she sees you.

Balboa :)

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Perhaps everybody else drank a lot of berr and then you drank the toilet water? Unfortunately, even daddy keeps the lid down in this house.

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

is that a hefeweizen on that table, it sure looks like it!

I need a treat dispenser!!!

e said...

Are you trying to cool yourself down with your tongue out? But it's cold there isn't it?