Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My mom asked me to do a tribute post to the dog who came before me. Her name was Meg and I never met her, but my mom sometimes still gets teary eyed about her. I want to be a good dog because good dogs get more treats so I said I would do this for her even though I don't really like other dogs. Meg was also a Boston terrier - the regular kind. She had something in her brain that ended in oma and something in the brain that ends in oma is always bad. They rescued her too and they only had her for a year and a half which isn't much time at all.
My mom gets worried because Meg was six and a half when she died and I'm six now which is really pretty young. But I don't have any omas. If anything is wrong with me, my mom takes me to work to see the doctors who say I'll be fine and I always am. I get better medical care than most people in this country which is good for me but not good for people. George Bush was on the moving picture box saying he would fix that but my mom doesn't believe him. I don't believe him because he looks like a ferret and ferrets are weasels and weasels are sneaky.
So Meg had her oma thing and had lots of seizures and then my mom and dad helped her go to heaven faster because she was scared and didn't recognize my mom or dad anymore and they said that was horrible.
Meg won an online photo contest at and she was featured in the reader's section of Modern Dog. She got a lot of press for a dog who used to live on the couch all the time. I don't know if we would have liked each other, but this is a tribute to her because my mom and dad loved her so much. This is Meg.

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