Monday, January 29, 2007


So I have all these nicknames and sometimes I don't even know my real name anymore and a few months ago at Halloween, my mom and dad started calling me Ikenstein which has turned into Stein or Steiner. They pretty much only call me Ike if I'm in trouble which is hardly ever because I'm such a good dog but sometimes they call me Ikey, Iken, Iko, Ikos, Iko-iko-eyenay, Ikenbuddy, Buddy or Dufus but mostly just Steiner which will change soon I'm sure. Do any of the other blog dogs have this problem and what do your moms and dads call you?
And here's a picture of me because I'm sure you want to see me because you are looking at my blog. This is my Godfather face (minus the hair of course.)


Myeo said...

Hehe.. u look so cute with that wig rope. Thanks for the info about my eyes. Your mom is right. I am using the Cyclosporin currently one to two drop a day.


Joe Stains said...

Oh my, you can't be a Doofus too! My brother is THE Doofus, and you don't look doofy at all!

My dad calls me Buds, Budly, Mr Gees, and my favorite, BRAINS! Because I am so smart.

Tanner is, Tanno Twanno, Nans, Baby Nans, and of course, THE DOOFUS.

Cairo The Boxer said...


my folks call me pookie which turns to pooks and Kai Kai which turns into Kai. Glad to see we all have the same issues.

By the way GREAT BLOG.

Emily and Ike said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Dad just reminded me of a few more nicknames - SillyMcGillicutty and when I'm really excited - redrocket!

Bentley and Niko said...

They call Niko all sorts of stuff, it's pretty funny. My favorites are- The Nikonator, Piko Train, Trouble, or wild child.

But some of mine are kind of weird. Like B-Man. Not sure what that's about. Or B-Nizzle, kinda makes me want to pizzle on their shoes. Or what the heck do they mean when they say Bent-a-lot-a-litoooooo, and they draw the "o's" out forever. I live amongst weirdos.