Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Charm School.

Fifteen days until my mom and dad go to California to visit Atticus who is a baby and babies wear the best underwear. Too bad I can't go because I am too big to fit under the seat so I would have to fly in the plane's belly and I don't ever want to be in the belly of anything, ever. So no baby underwear for me. When they go, I have to stay with Tory the trainer who I took a class with a while ago and I was top of my class of two dogs. The other dog was a miniature pincher/chihuahua mix named Tucker, and he was a total spaz who peed all over all the time and who used to bounce like a grasshopper but he was my best friend. So I will stay with Tory who is ok, I guess, but since I don't really trust anyone but my mom and dad, my mom is really nervous which I am too. My mom said that Tory is going to help me with my "social skills" and I think that is stupid because I have social skills - jeez I have friends in Singapore and Australia and all over the country now. Maybe my mom and Tory need to work on their social skills because I think I am fine.
My grandma comes over two times a week to take me out to pee and I don't even try to bite her anymore and she gives me food and it's not that bad now that I know she isn't here to kill me. In fact, I only shied away from her when she put my leash on today and I ran and pooped at the same time because it's so cold here - that's multitasking!
So off to Tory's soon where I get to learn to be a dog who likes everyone even though I'm really happy with my mom and dad.
Here's a picture of me looking charming.

And here's a video of me doing a trick I learned in Tory's class.


Bentley and Niko said...

Niko thinks you certainly do look charming.

My mom thinks I have social issues too. Actually everyone at her work thinks I am just a snob, but really I just don't like my head touched and for some reason thats where everyone wants to pet me!

Emily and Ike said...

Me too Bentley! Why do they always want to touch our heads? We don't touch their heads ... just their hearts (my mom wrote that part, puke!)

Myeo said...

We think you are very charming and we dont think you have any social issues. we mean, look at the no. of friends you have.

Boy n Baby