Monday, July 30, 2007


Warning! This post is PG-13.
So my mom
saw this in a magazine and looked it up on the internets and I wasn't supposed to see it, but I did, and my mom thinks it's really weird and I can't figure out why you would want one because I'm not a humper. But I guess some of you guys out there are humpers so this is a PSA.
So this is a picture of a Hotdoll in action.
Edit: Ike's mom here - just to clarify - I saw this in a magazine, I didn't happen across it during any other type of search. :)
No, not that type of magazine either.


FleasGang said...

We like the "no skid" pads on the humpy dog! Oh, and what magazine is your mom reading anyway ;-)

The FleasGang

Stanley said...

WaaaaaHa Ha!

Your mama is KILLIN' ME, man! I'm not much of a humper either, but I bet we have some dog pals out there who would get a whole lot of use out of that.

Can you imagine how proud the parents of that dog in the promo are? "We need a dog that will hump anything, anytime..." I bet they are SO PROUD.

What search did your mama do to find that anyway?

Goober love,

Ruby Bleu said...

OMD...I really shouldn't be seeing this seeing as I'm such a young doggin! What WILL they think of next??? And the name - LOL!!!!

Thanks for sharing Ike!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Unknown said...

Ike... Oh My Oh My Oh my Oh My is all my ma kept uttering!

WWAHAHAHHAH... what a find!


(Thanks, Ike, that one got me out of my funk- Tofu's ma)

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

This is sooo funny-- My mom had a post drafted about this a few weeks back-- was scared it might freak some people out-- and never published it.

he he


Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

BTW-- the reason she found it is because I am quite the humper, lol


Deanna said...

That is so wrong on so many levels...

wally said...

And they didn't get Miss Sunshade to model?

But I am with Stanley--what kind of search was your ma ape doing? Tee Hee!


ps. I have, on rare occasion, humped but the funny thing is, I don't appear to know WHERE to go--like I try out the shoulder, the belly. Don't tell.

Joe Stains said...

haha ohmydog I WANT ONE!!! I love to hump!!

Duke said...

Mitch and I aren't humpers so I think the poor thing would stand in the corner unloved forever until Mitch decided to chew him/her up!

Love ya lots,

Jessica said...

We are still lol!! Mom just called the whole house over to the computer to see your post.

Thanks for the laugh.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Peanut said...

My mom was just laughing and laughing at that thing. I am not to impressed I have to say.

Laura said...

i don't know if i'd want to hump that.. i'm pretty happy with mommy's giant stuffed lamb..

Balboa said...

My eyes, my eyes, OH NO,

That's just weird!!!!!! But Funny!

Frenchie SNorts

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ike.
My mom is amazed of the things people can create! Sure that is a good thing for humpy dogs!
Have a good night

Luckie Girl said...

Gee Ike,
Thanks for sharing. I'd monitor your Mom's reading materials if I were you.
ANyhoo, I don't hump..hehe...

Myeo said...

That is so hillarious..

Boy n Baby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh... this is a funny toy for a dog. What magazine was your mom reading again?

~ girl girl

Martha said...

That's disturbing. I'm glad you don't use one, Ikes. Love, Martha

Nazila Merati said...

Erm, I wonder where my mom's credit card is....


Miss Reina said...

Goodness... Why would i need this?

Sophie Brador said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha! This is just about the funniest thing I've seen this year. Oh my god. It's so funny. Is it inflatable? Sex toys for dogs? Why didn't I think of this? I could be rich! Bwa ha hah ahah ahahaha!

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

ROFL thanks so much for the laugh that thing is hilarious.

Ferndoggle said...

Can I pretend it's a big boy dog? Those are the only kind I hump.