Sunday, February 3, 2008

Suki Sumo.

Ok so on Friday night, Suki Sumo and her mom and dad came over to give me my paw it forward presents and they were awesome and I say were because it was two stuffies - which I have destroyed and a cookie - which the cats stole and a box of treats - which I've eaten a lot of. But the blankie still lives!

This is a picture of Suki!

And we had pizza!

And Suki was barking at my water dish forever and we couldn't figure out why and then my mom realized that she didn't want to drink a bowl of my slobber. Whatever.
So I'm not really awesome with other dogs and I was an a-hole to Suki so I want to take this opportunity to say I'm sorry to her and her mom and dad.
Thanks for coming over Suki and her mom and dad!

This stuffie died today.

And this is a video from the visit.

Three dogs need to volunteer for paw it forward - I will send you each a gift and then you each need to send a gift to three other dogs!


Murphy Dogg said...

Hi Ike,
I totally feel you. I always have to apologize after visits with other dogs, cause I can be kind of an a-hole too. Okay, I can be a giant a-hole. Anyway, at least you still got PIZZA!! How do I get in on the Paw It Forward game?
Murphy Dogg

Mack said...

I'm with Murphy - how exactly do you play the paw it forward game?

I'm sure Suki will forgive you for being an LB. (That's mom's nickname for me - it stands for little bas****)

How could she not? You fed her pizza!

Jessica said...

You are so lucky that you and suki su live close to each other so you can visit sometimes. We wish we lived close to some of our DWB's friends.

It's OK Ike... I'm sure Suki and her parents understand you being a little grouchy. We totally understand because Seadra is not the most friendly around other dogs either. That's why I get to go on more outings than Seadra does.

We are already doing the paw it forward game or we would play with you.

Love, Zoe

Ruby Bleu said...

How very cool you got to visit with Suki and her pawrents!!! I'm sure that she was ok with you being a little off...I know I would totally forgive you!

I already responded to Clover's paw it forward otherwise I'd be jumping right in!

Lots of Licks Ruby

Jen and Suki said...

Ike - no problem, buddy. I didn't take your snaps pawsonally and neither did my parents. In fact we all thought you were super handsome and a really good boy. Plus your mom and dad fed me TREATS and were they ever delicious! Thanks so much for having us over, we enjoyed ourselves a ton. Hopefully I'll see you again soon!

Suki Sumo

Peanut said...

Hmm well we don't know how to play the paw it forward game but if you tell us then we will do it.
Let me know

Joe Stains said...

dude, you are so handsome. who dare call you BUG EYED?! I am an A-hole too, no biggy.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ike!
So, by now, there are no presents at all??
Sorry you were not so happy with Suki Sumo visit! Don't worry! Those things happen!
Glad you had pizza!
Kisses and hugs

Randi said...

Hey Ike! That musta been lots of fun having Suki come over...just think..if I still lived at Como Lake ..then we all could have gotten together! Bummer! What does your wife Martha think of you having play dates with other pretty ladies? Does she know?

Love & Licks,

wally said...

You got to meet SUKI??? And Suki got to meet YOU??? My jealousy overfloweth. Awesome. Don't tell but I'm totally an a-hole with other dogs (with some exceptions) and I'd probably be an a-hole to you so I understand.


ps. You look great on camera. Handsome for ransom indeed.