Friday, February 29, 2008

The Duncan reporting.

This is Duncan reporting on what a sh*tty little dog Ike is. Yesterday, the moms was PMSing hardcore, I mean like whoa, get out the the way because she is maaaaaaaaad, and she had a really bad day at work. When she got home, she found that someone had peed on the new rug in the kitchen and not just a little pee. Keep in mind that a few days before, he ate his own crap and barfed it up, and the only way our dad knew it was barf was because it had green beans in it. I'm all for eating your own barf, but eating poo is just ridiculous, and he always wants to eat my poo too. And then later in the evening, the moms and the pops weren't paying attention to him, so he got pissed off and peed on the other new rug near the door and I was pretty sure the moms was going to knock Ike's block off, but she just yelled at him and then ignored him for a super long time.
Cats don't pull that kind of crap.
Here's a pic of the guilty little a-hole.

Edit: Talk about rewarding bad behavior! Head on over to Joe's blog for this doozy! Thanks Joe Stains, I'm glad someone understands me.


Poppy said...

The thing about little teeny dogs is that they are too cute to stay mad at for very long. :)


Shelby said...

Duncan, Dogs are stupid. Peanut does stuff like that also and gets in trouble.

Lorenza said...

Pees, poos, barfs?? Sounds like someone has been busy!
I hope everything will be better this weekend
Enjoy it!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

Ike, I created an award on my blog and you are the very first recipient. I am honored to present it to you, check out my post

Stanley said...

Hey, Ikes!

Sounds like a shi**y couple of days for you, man. Bummer.

Extra goober love & understanding coming your way. Tell The Duncan that my catbro Merv does that stuff all the time. He seems to NOT want any rugs on the floor near any doors, so he pees on them ALL.

Goober love & smooches,

Duke said...

YIKES! We sure hope your mom has gotten her PMS under control at this point and has forgiven you, Ike!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lola Smiles said...

Oh Ike! What's going on dude?? I hope you're feeling a wee better today.

As for PMS, I hear ya, my huuuuuman was totally out of control 2 days ago oh man, there was just nothing I did that made her feel better!

luv ya,
Lola Smiles

Martha said...

OMD Ikes! WHAT were you thinking?? The house is not a toilet. Joe Stains did create a cool award but I don't think you should try for a repeat. I still love you, though. We all make mistakes! Love, Martha

Mack said...

You're my hero!
That award is super cool

Myeo said...

We hope your mom is no longer mad at you.

Boy n Baby

Jen and Suki said...

Bravo, Ikes. Bra-vo! I've stained all the rugs in the apartment. And Duncan, my mom says she knows some naughty boy cats who are notorious stainers too!

Moco said...

Way to go Ike. Dawson left 6 poop balls across the living room today. They were right by Pappy's chair with him in it. How cool is that?

Murphy Dogg said...

Aw, Ike. We all have our moments. And I'd like to call out Duncan on his assertion that "cats don't pull that kind of crap."

They sure do! My cat bro, Nick, will pee and poop outside his box if any LITTLE TINY thing is not to his liking! He's kinda evil.

Murphy Dogg

Ralph said...

I peed on my mom. Twice. while she was hugging me.


Tadpole said...

Eh... new rugs are over-rated.

wally said...

Awesome! Way to go Ike! Some people just don't appreciate our decorating skills.


Petra said...

At least something good came out of this. You got an award for which you can be PROUD!

Anonymous said...

ike, i always knew you were cute but never knew you and your siblings were so hilarious.

love, remy the husky/border-collie mix