Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rescue dog challenge!

So all you dogs that I am totally jealous of who got to go live with your mom and dad when you were a baby are doing this baby picture thing and it's making my mom really sad so I thought I would create a baby picture for her.
So here is the challenge - all you rescued dogs out there, go to the internets and steal a picture of a puppy who looks like you and make it your own and post it on your blog. I know there are plenty of you out there and I tag Wally because you were feeling down about not having any pics.
So here is my baby picture.

Oh, and don't forget about the voting: I am in the SPCA photo contest - here and here too! - and so is Martha and so is Ruby so go vote for us!


Ruby Bleu said...

Ike, that puppy is cute but doesn't hold a candle to your current handsomeness! Thanks again for the shout out!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Ah I bet you were cuter then that when you were a puppy. Great idea though. Mom has pictures of me and Flash she just can't get to them. How often can we vote for you guys?

Ferndoggle said...

That is such a cool idea Ike! Mom has all of these baby pictures of stupid Lola because she was teeny when she came home, but we were big and have no pictures :o(.

We're gonna start looking RIGHT NOW while Mom is at work.

Sherman & Penny

Unknown said...

Hey Ike...

My ma has voted!!!!
We love your photos, and we love you!

Loves Me.

Tadpole said...

Yes, I thought that was a great idea until I went up there and tried to find one. We're WEIRD looking!!!

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Ike, You are far cuter as your very own, all grown up, rescued self than this puppy ever could be.

p.s. I don't get the McDreamy thing either.

Joe Stains said...

haha great job of making your mom feel better!

Martha said...

That puppy isn't nearly as handsome as you, Ikes. Love, Martha

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ike.
Good job finding that picture but I think you were/are cutter than him!
Have a good night

Boo Casanova said...

ike, you look so much cuter tho. and his tongue can't compare with yours! you are the champion!

wet wet licks


Asta said...

What a vewy clever doggie you are to think of that..as darling as that pup is, I bet you were even cuter..
you should also wemember how lucky you and your Mommi are to have each other for the WHOLE west of your life
smoochie kisses
PS...thanks for putting your picture in my guestbook...you're quite a cutie

Myeo said...

Are you sre that is not you..hehe. Very strong resemblence there. We are very sure that puppy will grow to be as handsome as you.

Btw, we need your home address. Could you email us at masyeo@gmail.com. Thanks.

Boy n Baby

L said...

Oh my gosh, you are so handsome as a little pup!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh that puppy sure looks cute. I hope you win the contest. :)

~ girl girl

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Ike,
That pup looks totally like you! Who would ever think that the cute pup will grow into a handsome chap like you!

Suki & Joey said...

Aw, I'm sorry if I made your mommy sad by asking for puppy pics. But I think that is one adorable puppy! :)

Puggy kisses

Unknown said...

Ike!! I've dedicated a post to you!!

Check it out.


Gwyn Valentine said...

HI Ike,

Nice to meet you!~

The puppy has a really pink tongue!
But i think u are much cuter!


Ume said...

hi Ike,
i'm sure u r more handsome than how the pup wld grow up to be!

Anonymous said...

Your one of a kind and still a precious baby in your mom eyes!

e said...

awwwwwwww that is cool.
I want to do it too but it's too late...?


Deanna said...

You were such a cute puppy! "wink, wink"

Anonymous said...

I love the little tongue! :)