Monday, May 7, 2007

The thing that lives in the bathtub.

Ok, so the good news first - my tumor is benign.
And now the weird, I'm not sure if it's bad or good or just really interesting because there is a three and a half week old kitten living in my bathtub and I really want to get near her and my mom and dad say no. You see, my mom is bottle feeding this kitten because a drunk lady stole her from her momma kitty and the drunk lady's daughter brought her into the clinic because she didn't know what to do with her so my mom volunteered to raise her and find her a home which she has and can go to as soon as she can eat solid food. And my mom has been spending a lot of time with her and ignoring me and yelling at me when I start shaking and my eyes dilate when I see the kitten because I'm not sure if I want to play with her or eat her. So I'm not allowed near her at all and I want my mom back. Stupid kitten.

And here is a picture of the kitten and her name is Izzy.

And I played with the big dogs again today and I ran at Pearl and she broadsided me and I rolled and it was awesome.


Myeo said...

Izzy is soooo cute n tiny. Yup, we think you better not go near her yet. Maybe, wait when she is a little bigger and then you can play some wrestling game with her :P

Boy n baby

Boo Casanova said...

izzy is lovely. yeah, if i were your mom, i wouldn't let u near izzy too. who knows what will happen rite? LOL

wet wet licks


Duke said...

Awesome news about your tumor being benign Ike! What a relief!
Izzy does look edible! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Yeah great news on the tumor. Hmm that kitten is cute but then they grow up to be nasty cats. Lucky for you she won't be staying. It is nice of your mom to take care of her.

Suki & Joey said...

Oh my doG, she is so cute I want to eat her up!

I think cats are only cute when they're small like that. They get nasty real quick. Does your mom work for a vet? My mom worked at an emergency clinic for 2 weeks before she realized she didn't have what it took to deal with so many dogs hit by cars :(

Puggy kisses
P.S. Thanks for saying I'm cute! Don't worry, you're not being set up. I'm not asking you to meet me at my house and to bring a bottle of vodka or anything ;)

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Ike...
So glad your leg is good!!! Yay! Now i'm not into kitties but boy is Izzy cute...really cute. Best to stay away, you'll get your Momma back soon.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Tadpole said...

Izzy looks a lot like MJ's puppy, Zippy! How strange...!

My sister body-checks me and I go rolling too - it's so much fun!

Lorenza said...

Great news about your tumor. Moms never do enough to make sure we are fine.
Forgive her about Izzy, this is just for a little time. She loves you so much.

wally said...

Great news about your tooo-mah! I have had a lot of those benign things. My ma ape says my nickname ougtta be "benign fatty tumor" cuz I must be mostly made of them. NOT FUNNY!

That thing might be dangerously cute to the peoples. You definitely should pursue the "eat" option. Especially since your mum sounds like she has an especially soft heart.


Joe Stains said...

great news on the tumor, not so great news on that mutant in your bathtub. Mom says its cute but it is a CAT for goodness sakes.

Your mom is nice to be so patient and nice to a cat.

Bentley and Niko said...

we are so glad about your tumor. Maybe if you can't play with kitties you can laugh at this funny blog. It made us laugh.

Anyway, your mom is very nice for taking care of the kitties.

Jessica said...

Oh Ike....Glad to hear that your leg is nothing serious.

We used to have a cat at our house too but my Dad had allergies so bad that she went to live with my Grandma. We still get to go visit her sometimes.

By the way, watch out....Kitties have sharp claws.

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Awe, Izzy is a pretty kitty. We're so glad your tumor is benign'd you. :)

Wuf Ya! - Gomer & Opie

Anonymous said...

Great news on the tumor. And don't let the cuteness of the kitty fool you. Cats are evil!

Sophie Brador said...

What a cute kitty! I wish I didn't have to pick them up by the head all the time. I just want to see what they feel like. If I didn't do that, maybe we could have one. but I can't help myself.

Hey .... does your mom work at the vet's place?

The Brat Pack said...

Izzy is sooooo cute. Try to keep her, she'd be much better than a silly stuffed toy. :)


Balboa said...

Glad all is well with you, but that cat has to go dude! Mommy has to give YOU all her attention, not the cat.

Frenchie Kisses,

Nessa Happens said...

Oh my goodness - soon it will be scratching your face. Hooorah!

Don't let your mama visit my blog again. There are videos.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your leg is going to be okay! And please don't eat Izzy. She's for cuddling, not supper! Your Love, Martha

Fu Fu said...

Oh Izzy the kitten looks cute. I hope she grows up strong and healthy. Your mom still love you Ike

~ fufu

Deanna said...

I'm so glad your leg is good!

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Hey Ike!
I'd want to play with the cute little kitty too! Aww, you'd be nice to it, wouldn't ya?

Balboa said...

I tagged you dude, I hope someone else didn't tag you first!

How is that "thing" in your bathtub doing?